shaver weasel conspiracy

6.18: pos.gear/shaver/weasel conspiracy:
. I had a good electric years ago,
but during my last move sending it by mail
one of the employees went postal on it .
. I looked for electrics but was surprised at
how they all depended on unreplaceable batteries
-- how long is that supposed to last,
so I started using manual razors (blades).
. I reuse one many times by spraying it with alcohol
to avoid water corroding the edge .
. then I got an electric shaver as a gift
but found that it was not very sharp,
and would take a long time to do the job
which is infuriating if you are running late,
and haven't shaved in a few days .
. when I started using the blade again
the blade was getting old,
and removing my moustache was very painful .
. this had me looking at electrics again,
but there was such variation in the reviews
and again the non-removable batteries
-- spend $100-$200 on a disposable !
. my main reason for shaving is to look clean
and to get a good seal with a Respirator
so, to make blades last even longer
I have them do only the easiest parts:
I'm growing a moustache and a soul patch .
. Frank Zappa had a similar facial hair style;
he also had an album named "weasels ripped my flesh"
showing someone shaving with a weasel .
-- notice weasels can also shred your wallet ... .
. just from looking at the shaver industry
it's not clear that capitalism is serving us;
there seems to be a weasel conspiracy .