Mormons are Jewish++

6.19: news.relig/judaism/mormons are Jewish++:
adapted from tabletmag.com:
. unlike many other Christian groups,
Mormons do not believe that
God abrogated his covenant with the Jews
or replaced them with a non-Jewish "new Israel".
Rather, Mormons consider themselves to be
part of the Israelite community including Jews.
. LDS theology is "inclusionist"
rather than supercessionist.
Some Mormons and their institutions have even
adopted select Jewish practices.
such as an annual Passover Seder,
and hanging a mezuzah on the doorpost .
. Salt Lake City (1st Temple of the Mormons)
elected its first Jewish mayor in 1932,
42 years before New York City did.

the Jewish community has not been accepting:
. when the LDS Church sought to construct
a branch of their religious university in Jerusalem
they were accused of proselytization;
and, when it was discovered that Holocaust survivors
had been posthumously baptized
by the Mormon's Later-Day Saints Church
as ancestors of voluntary Jewish converts,
it tasted like the forced conversions
that middle-ages christianity was notorious for;
but, asking a Jewish convert to Mormonism
not to baptize all their Jewish ancestors
would be like a Jewish male circumcising only himself
and not every other other male in his household
as required by the agreement with the god .

. Jewish tradition -- as encouraged by Jesus --
avoids winning converts to Judaism,
preferring instead to teach Judaism from birth;
Mormons by contrast, are famous for their
very strong global missionary programs,
however, Islam is the fastest-growing religion;
and Islam is more Jewish than Mormons
since only Islam defends Abraham's circumcision law .