Brazil's growing violence

7.6: web.pol/purges/prison/Brazil's growing violence:
. why is brazil gang violence up in the late 1990's?
. in 1920 when most death was from infections,
the population was 35 million,
but after that the population growth went exponential
-- 1960: 70M, 1980: 119M, 1990: 146M,
2000: 170M --
and the pressures of overpopulation
combined with access to drugs and guns
has produced a very active crime activity .
. by far the highest murder rates are in cities
-- the icons of overpopulation .
. like the usa, most Brazilian offenders are
males under age 30 with no high school degree;
we need to spend less on prisons
and spend more for paying youth to do well in school,
and pay people not to breed .