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8.30: news.care/children/accelerate baby communications skill:
Maternal Responsiveness and the Development of
Directed Vocalizing in Social Interactions
Infancy July–August 2014
International Society on Infant Studies (ISIS)

summary by uiowa.edu:
. infants whose mothers responded to
what they thought their babies were saying,
showed an increase in developmentally advanced,
consonant-vowel vocalizations,
which means the babbling has become
sophisticated enough to sound more like words.
The babies also began directing more of their babbling
over time toward their mothers,
producing more words and gestures at age 15 months.
On the other hand, infants whose mothers
did not try as much to understand them
and instead directed their infants' attention
at times to something else
did not show the same rate of growth
in their language and communication skills.

papers on prior infant communication studies:

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in Vocal and Social Development
Julie Gros-Louis, Indiana University

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