Exodus 15:17 #Messiah builds #Temple #Judaism

4.25: news.relig/judaism/Exodus 15:17 Messiah builds Temple:
12.21: summary:
. the Messiah is due in 5777 (Fall 2016)
and that is when the time will be right
for rebuilding the Temple in Jerusalem .
Ben Abrahamson and Joseph Katz:
"Rabbinic opinion actually discourages
nationalistic attempts at restoration of the Temple.
According to majority Rabbinic opinion,
the Temple will be built not by man
but by the Messiah
and there is nothing to do but pray and wait"
[This school is based on Rashi and Tosephot
who draw on the verse "The Sanctuary, O God,
which your hands have established."
Exodus, 15:17.]
the essence of Exodus 15:1-19:
Yah [The Lord] is my strength
and my strong helper,
he has become my salvation: he is my God
and I will give him praise;
my father's God and I will give him glory.
. ADONAI [the Lord] is a man of war:
ADONAI [the Lord] is his name.
You sent your wind and the sea came over [them
(the chasing enslavers)]:
they went down like lead into the great waters.
Who is like you, O ADONAI, among the gods?
who is like you, in holy glory,
to be praised with fear, doing wonders?
In your mercy you went before the
people whom you have made yours;
guiding them in your strength to your holy place.
You will take them in, planting them
in the mountain of your heritage,
the place, O ADONAI,
where you have made your house,
the holy place, O Adonai,
the building of your hands.
ADONAI is King for ever and ever.