happy #Hanukkah #dream

12.16: co.self/dream/relig/pro-life/happy #Hanukkah #dream:
[ this dream happened on the first day of Hanukkah
(but 16 hours before the start of it)]
. I was telling some teens that abortion is seen as murder,
and I feared that one murder can lead to
a chain reaction of more murders even within a family .
. one teen thought my motivation was purely religious:
she whispered in my ear "happy Hanukkah"
so I tried to present me as non-religious by saying:
oh, I'm not Jewish, but family is .
. in the next scene, as I walked alone,
I thought about the abortion debate more:
I myself think abortion can be euthanasia
(may all the kids be born into
only families that really want them)
and realized it's easy to have my view
when I don't believe in an after-life
(the only thing that matters in life
is how the living are treated;
and a painless euthanasia is good treatment).
. then my inner reflective voice started debating me:
you think there is no proof of an after-life
but you have no proof either way
about a system you didn't design .
. then I had to urinate,
so I was looking for the way home
and realized I had no idea where I was;
I tried to find high ground by going up stairs
but was worried about one being private
with the door held open by a bike
(as if it locked when closed and needed a key)
so I asked the bike's owner,
"am I still in Spokane?"
as if Spokane Washington was still where I lived
[ even though I moved from there in 2007 ].
. he said yes .
[ and then I woke thinking:
Spokane? it's a long way to Tucson!
why think Spokane is home?
I was born-again supernature-aware in Spokane .]