foods I use found at iherb

1.20: web.cook/foods I use found at iherb:
. adapted from a list made for a friend
who wanted to do all their supplement shopping at iherb.com .


here is the rich vegan's protein: Chlorella
I currently use organic spirulina from a trusted supplier .
(notice limits on spirulina,
and how its copper needs zinc)]

just need simple cheap protein?
[6.17: beware gelatin has free glutamates;
and, egg white is not recommended by
the Perfect Health Diet .]
egg white: I would balance that with gelatin;
here's gelatin with bone builders .

[11.16: web.aq.cook/whey:
. lactose has been in the news again
as a source of inflammation;
and, when looking into undenatured whey
they have more lactose than denatured isolates .
. get your undenatured protein from raw yolks;
if using whey for a convenient snack protein,
then don't worry about undenatured:
get the cheapest with lowest lactose .
. see also amazon subscribe & save .

. when protein drops from 88% to 80%,
the carbs (lactose) is doubled .
whey (undenatured are all 80% protein
even when they claim to be 90%):
# Now-Foods isolate:
. that is now 89% (real isolate not concentrate;
but no guarantee of being undenatured).
# Now-Foods Organic is 79%;
# Bluebonnet grass-fed plain adds vanilla;
# lef.org is 80% too but says it's 90%,
and it adds a bunch of carb's .
the lef.org isolate I used to have was 88% protein .

11.20: hydrolization denatures lactose?:
"I'm lactose intolerant aswell and I personally have
never had problems with anything hydrolized
(ISO-100, Hydro whey, Isolyze)
I can't stomach regular whey isolate.
The ISO100 flavours are amazing aswell"
-- I'm assuming lactose that is predigested
would still be a source of inflammation .

for sleep

here is a great-tasting arginine-glutamate complex
go slow and start low,
because it digests slowly into free glutamate:
too much might be toxic to brain cells (just my theory).
[6.17: it's sold a muscle growth factor .]
here's plain arginine with no glutamate;
use citric acid to make it taste good .

maca is for less anxiety and more sleep;
it's a native food in south america .
here is my next melatonin buy:
(lipoceutical delivery of 1.5 mg per pump)
and look at this catch Bio-Curcumin
-- top of my wish list for next order.

here are fibers to thicken your puree:

agar is from seaweed and protects you from radiation;
Inulin is what I get from onion powder (a prebiotic)

this is what I use in my puree:

Wheat-Grass [11.16: dark greens ]
kelp is a hot item -- out of stock .

here are new things I may get later:

thyme -- antioxidant complements rosemary;
sage -- antioxidant complements rosemary;
[11.16: fennel (reducing intestinal spasms)
gtea.x (green tea extract for EGCg)
Calcium carbonate (oat phytates)
Calcium citrate (stimulant)
11.20:  DMAE (brain food)]

what I'm phasing out but it's been fun:

tomato pwd will have bad vit'c but tasty:
[6.17: generally dried fruits are to be avoided
and those with high vit'c become poisoned with
high amounts of oxidized vit'c .]