to what extent is menstruation lunar?

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. are women on a strict lunar cycle ?
not if it's true that when they live together they sync
as that would imply they were not already sync'd
and therefore not sync'd to lunar either .
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. not all women do have lunar-length cycle,
but when they do, they often sync with moon:
. women whose cycles approach the 29.5 day span
have the highest likelihood of fertile cycles,
while women whose cycles become longer or shorter
have a proportionately diminishing incidence of fertile cycles.
About 28% of reproductively mature women
show a 29.5 + 1 day cycle length .
That the most fertile reproductive cycle has the
same length as the lunar cycle, i.e. 29.5 days,
is an intriguing biological coincidence.
. previous investigators who had failed to find
a relationship between menses onset and the lunar cycle,
were not selecting the subpopulation of women (approx 30%)
who cycle as often as the moon does, i.e. 29.5+1 day.
. 69% of the subsample whose menstrual length was 29.5+ 1 day
showed menstruation onset within 7.5 days of the full moon .
pheromonal influence:
. women who engage in regular weekly heterosexual intercourse
(vs women who are either celibate or have sporadic patterns)
tend to have significantly more 29.5+3 day cycles,
higher incidences of fertile patterns of basal body temperature,
and higher levels of circulating estrogen
in both the reproductive and the climacteric years .
natal lunar phase (apparent astrology):
. the natal lunar phase refers to the
angle between the sun-earth-moon
on the day of a person's birth.
. the ancient astrologers of Babylon and Assyria said
"Woman is fertile during a certain phase of the moon"
. some of those who believe in astrology also believe
a woman who, during her natal lunar phase,
is stressed or having sex during that time
can tend to trigger another ovulation at that time,
in addition to her menstrual ovulation;
and, a man's sperm count may significantly increase
during his natal lunar phase.
. you don't have to believe in astrology to appreciate
emergency rooms find the busiest night of the month
occurs when the moon is full.
28: see Lunar_effect .
27: about lunar phase angle:
At the New Moon this angle is 0°,
at the time of the First Quarter
the Moon is 90deg ahead of the Sun,
at the Full Moon it is 180deg ahead of the Sun,
and at the Last Quarter it is 270deg ahead.
new, waxing, full, waning:
. the moon transitions from a new moon
to a waxing moon then to a full moon
and finally to a waning moon
before becoming a new moon once again.
This lunar cycle, from new moon to new moon,
takes 28 days to complete,
so there are 13 lunar months and one day in a year;
a woman's menstrual cycle can range from 25 to 34 days .
Comp Biochem Physiol B Biochem Mol Biol. 2001
. in some species of fish there is
Lunar synchronization of testicular development
affecting sperm motility and seminal plasma state.
The duration and percentage of sperm motility
was low 1 week before spawning (the new moon),
but increased significantly on the day of spawning
(the first lunar quarter).
. steroidogenic activity was considered to
increase toward the specific lunar phase.
The synchronous increase in testicular activity
supports the hypothesis that lunar periodicity
is a major factor for the testicular development of
[one species of fish].