manual vegetable juicers #EMP -proofing

6.8: web.cook`gear/manual veg grinder:
. wwIII or some other source of EMP
could take out the electrical supplies for a long time;
and also burn out anything electronic,
(many cooking appliances have electronic controls);
so, I'm looking to replace my electric blender
with something manual and reliable .
stainless steel Manual Wheatgrass Juicers
# $126 MJ-445:
. it does Coffee Beans -- grind to a good consistency.
It's hard to turn if too many are dropped in at the same time
so it can be a little slow to grind a large amount.
# $134 HJ Hurricane:
-- this appears to be identical to the MJ-445 .
# amazon coffee grinders (includes manual types).

plastic manual juicers:
DiscountJuicers.com `Tribest Z-Star Manual Hand Crank Juicer 
-- some had problems with plastic's durability?

. must see $700 for a painted iron grinder!

for after the storm:
web.cook`gear/electric juicers or grind&press:
$2500 Norwalk Juicer vs manual Welles Press
-- Welles press Lacks Durability?:
"I have owned this press for nearly a year.
The lower plate that the jack mounts to
has flexed so much that it is bent
and cannot apply even pressure to the pulp."