sodium ascorbate may have stability issues

6.12: summary:
. I was looking around iherb reviews
for what people thought of sodium ascorbate;
wondering if it might be stable like ascorbyl palmitate
only water-soluble instead of oil-soluble .
. I got the impression that anything water-soluble
is more prone to interact with moisture in the air .

1.19: web.cook/vc#sodium/reviews:
. one user, '51, claims Now switched suppliers
because their sodium-c no longer has
the same effect on '51 that it once did .
. from what I could see of '51's other reviews
'51's also done some microbiome modifications
trying many varieties of probiotics,
so I wondered if Now Foods is the same quality
only his reaction to it has changed .
. the other theory is that quality did change
as he got a stale batch
(ascorbate can become dehydro ascorbate) .
 the other reviews of that user '51:
in 2012.9.27,
Nutricology, Pure Vitamin C, Cassava Root Source, 4.2 oz (120 g)
I buffer this myself with baking soda.
in 2012.6.26:
Source Naturals, Vitamin C, 16 oz (453.6 g)
Best vitamin C on the market. I have tried many brands
and this is the one I tolerate best.
[ this is not Sodium Ascorbate ]
NutriBiotic, Sodium Ascorbate, 16 oz (454 g)
Didn't tolerate this vitamin C brand.
There's nothing wrong with it
I just didn't do as well with it
as I did with Source Naturals Sodium Ascorbate.
[ Source Naturals does make an Ascorbate
(though it's not fully buffered ??)
but '51 doesn't seem to have reviewed it,
what '51 did review was their ascorbic acid .]
Now Foods, Sodium Ascorbate, 8 oz (227 g)
Used to use this product but they switched suppliers
and I don't tolerate the new formula.
Was a 5 star now it is a 2.
'51's probiotics reviews:
Healthy Origins, Probiotic, 30 Billion CFU's, 150 Vcaps
Didn't tolerate this  Jun 29, 2012
I have tried many probiotics. I recently tried this one
and did not tolerate it.
Nothing wrong with it I just did not do well with it.
he does like Now Foods probiotics .

web: stability of sodium ascorbate:

The rule of thumb is that aging (degradation)
doubles for every 10 degrees C temperature increase.
In other words, an organic compound degrades
twice as fast at 30C as it does at 20C.
rasarver 2010:
I find it interesting that livon labs says
that after one year in controlled temperature storage
that their Lypo C is still 100 per cent effective.
If that is true it means that the
rate of degradation of their product
is zero. If the rate of degradation is zero,
it will still be 100 per cent effective
after 10 years or 100 years.
I think what livon labs means
is that the rate of degradation of Lypo C
is either too small to measure with their standard technique
or too small to be significant.
. after reading a vitaminCfoundation piece,
I'm hearing that Sodium ascorbate is indeed
quite prone to oxidation,
(you can tell if it turns yellow in distilled water?)
anyway, they are warning about
getting prescription quality from a pharmacy,
and from rasarver 2010 (above)
I'm hearing the best for shelf life
is a trusted brand of liposomal vit C
like that of livon labs` Lypo C
( LivOn Labs, Lypo-Spheric C, 30g/$40 ).
-- they also lipoize GSH
(30* 450mg L-Glutathione (reduced)/ $70 )