who wrote that constitution? #childcare

1.19: co.self/dream/psy/who wrote that constitution?:
. in this dream,
I was really excited to be in the presence of
someone who helped write our new constitution;
I went over to him and asked:
"is it true that you helped write the constitution?"
. then our shared voice gave me a nudge, saying:
"when you put it like that
to a guy who looks a bit odd,
then you seem to be asking
why that job wasn't done by someone photogenic" .
. so we're at this party and
the star won't talk to me about
what goes into writing a constitution .
. in the final scene (after more awkwardness)
I notice most everyone else has left:
there were a dozen of us,
and now there is only me(the nerdy guy),
2 women, and some children .
. one girl age 7..9, looks beautiful like her mother,
except she is wearing a plastic pig snout
like in the movies: when you move it moves
like it is really part of you
-- it's really hard to tell what it is,
more like a cancerous growth than a mask,
but a cancer would not perfect a pig snout!
. I'm really not relating to the remaining adults
(being the only guy, and with no kids of my own);
so I decide it's time to leave;
but as I close the door,
my inner voice is saying
"you have much to teach kids,
even if the adults don't have much to teach you",
but I'm now awakening and can't go back .

analysis of dream:

. in the study of pychology,
we can see the mind as a government,
and the mind has something like a constitution
that is the mind's framework for policy-making .
. in this dream I'm having problems relating,
and it might be due to my constitution .
. the beauty with pig snout represents my past;
a naive hedonism later revealed as a shame;
that is what emptied the room .
. after a childhood without adult bonding
I was finally bonding with the Holy Spirit
and wished that lesson had come sooner,
and to every childhood .
. also interesting was the way I put this:
"I have much to teach kids,
even if the adults don't have much to teach me";
as if the Spirit of my creative writing
was hinting:
"how can you have anything to teach kids
if the adults don't have anything to teach you?".
. that's how my past got that pig snout;
from failing to bond with adults
and internalize their teachings and religions .
. on the question of whether I can help with
children who have lost their motivation,
or ensure that they remain motivated,
it would be convenient if we could just
continue breaking things
(failing to bond with our children)
and then have the repaired tell the broken
just how they were repaired by
being supernature aware ("born-again");
but, I wasn't repaired by being told;
ie, rather than me discovering supernature,
it decided to make itself obvious to me
by generating thoughts that were not my own,
which had me rethinking what "I" was
-- it was that proof of a supernature,
of a Holy Spirit that makes my day
-- makes all my thoughts and emotions --
that had me reconsidering what was important .
. if I had been defending emotions as self,
but emotions are found to be not from self,
then what is the purpose of "selfishness"?
. being supernature-aware made it obvious
that an enduring society was the real self,
and that Ark-investing was self's real purpose .
. but the same supernature that reveals itself,
can also decide to use all of its power
to remaining hidden from
whatever child you're trying to awaken .
. if supernature doesn't show itself to you
then any talk about the existence of supernature
just sounds like so much superstition .

. in order to help the non-bonding children,
maybe we need to not care so much about
parent's rights to raise children
and start applying what society knows
about the training of children .
. I wondered what professional psychologists
would think of my parenting ideas:
if our child can't seem to study in a group,
then maybe the child needs more isolation
(many do much better with home schooling);
if our child won't exercise,
the child is confined to a Zone diet;
if our child won't study,
the child is exposed to audio books
(or live book readers)
talking about all of what society is doing
and how our failures result in being oppressed,
therefore, to be happy later,
we must prepare now .

. just as federations have a constitution
that is the basis for every state constitution,
societies have a communal mind
and that mind has its own constitution,
which is a basis for our personal constitutions .
. our society-wide expectation of privacy
and parental ownership of children
rather than professionally trained children,
is possibly contributing to growing rates of
naive hedonism that later turns into
mental illness or criminal activity .