blogger's health info disclaimer

2016.12.12: fake news disclaimer:
. many of my blog postings are sourced from
organizations that could be generating fake news;
even peer-reviewed science articles
can be corrupted by Big Money.
. my own opinions could unwittingly be
influenced by a number of fake news readings.
. all I can honestly say is that this blog
documents what I actually believed at the time:
I've been deluded before and it will happen again.

22: news.adds/blog/blogger's health info disclaimer:
23: summary:
. when bloggers or other writers
give health and medical info
they can expect that others will be
using the advice for solving their own
health and medical problems,
so, they need to be warned that this is
for informational use only,
ie, it is simply documenting how the
authors are solving their own problems;
and the authors can't possibly solve
all of the readers' problems
because every reader tells a story
and you've got to listen to that story
in order to help the individual .
. readers are also to be reminded
that all actionable medical claims
must be approved by the FDA,
and that the author's claims are not so approved .
. finally, readers are to be given an idea of
what to do with unapproved medical claims:
they can seek a licensed medical professional,
about how to apply the author's info .

iherb's blog's disclaimer:
The products and claims made about specific products
on or through this blog
have not been evaluated by the
United States Food and Drug Administration
and are not approved to
diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.
This blog is not intended to provide
diagnosis, treatment or medical advice.
Information and other content provided on this blog,
including information that may be
provided on this blog directly
or by third-party websites
are provided for informational purposes only.
Please consult with a physician or
other healthcare professional
regarding any medical or health related
diagnosis or treatment options.
Information provided on this blog and linked websites,
including information relating to
medical and health
conditions, treatments and products,
may be provided in summary form.
Information on this blog should not be considered as a
substitute for advice from a healthcare professional. 
web: what is the meaning of 
"for informational purposes only"?
. historically, much content (written information) was
created under the assumption that
an expert would be interpreting it.
In other words, before the Web
most information was not written for self-service.
. lawyer James Buckley:
“If it is reasonable to assume that
someone will act in reliance on information
given to them by a professional,
and that action transpires to be
to the person's detriment,
and the information given wasn't of
the quality you would expect from the professional,
then even though the parties never signed a contract
and even though the "client" did not pay for the information,
the professional (or company) can be made
liable for the negligence in compiling the information
simply because it was reasonable to expect
that it would be relied upon.”
When most organizations say
for information purposes only,
what they’re really saying is:
Reader Beware.
if you act on this information,
you are acting at your own risk.