mission accomplished by end of 2016 #WWIII

6.8: news.pol/purges/wwIII/mission accomplished by end of 2016:
Air Force Gen. Philip M. Breedlove, 
the Supreme Allied Commander Europe (Eucom)
DEAUVILLE, France, June 8, 2014:
-- just days after President Obama announced
all U.S. forces will leave Afghanistan by the end of 2016 .
. Breedlove's first priority
since assuming his command 13 months ago
has been "to get Afghanistan right";
Ukraine is now among his top priorities.
. a second priority of Eucom had been
transitioning to a more peacetime role;
but Russian aggressions in Ukraine got in the way .
. there is a focus on what to do for
the last seven months of the mission of
International Security Assistance Forces
-- preceding Operation Resolute Support .
--. this is consistent with the 5777  and 119 ministries prophesies:
Fall 2016 is the big showdown of wwIII;
and it's supposed to be a fight over Iran's threatening of Israel;
and, part of the Iran pressure by usa
is for usa to be surrounding Iran
by being in Iraq and Afghanistan until the showdown .
. Russia can't politically defend Iran against usa,
so they are starting the aggressions in Ukraine
as a way to popularize resistance to usa .