ascorbyl palmitate vs Liposomal Vit'C

6.12: summary:
. ascorbyl palmitate is my preferred vit'c,
because it stores longer without refrigeration;
and, the Now Foods product is cheap and trusted;
but, Liposomal Vit'C may have unique benefits .
. it's very expensive and the competition is hot,
so some of the rumors about Mercola's product
may be planted by those working for Livon Labs,
or some other Liposomal Vit'C maker .

1.20: who encapsulated vs who formulates:
. notice Mercola's main encouragement
is that Capsugel is great at encapsulating,
but who formulates what goes inside the capsule?
what did he do to validate the formula?

1.18: news.cook/vc/
mercola's Liposomal C rumored to be fake:
Dr. Mercola, Liposomal Vitamin C, 1,000 mg, 60 Licaps
iLove-iHerb From Australia on May 11, 2013:
I've been using the Livon Labs [lypo'C] product
for over two years now and find it very good.
I purchased the [cheaper] Dr Mercola's product
trusting it would be as good as it claimed.
The quantity in the capsule is
very small compared to Livon Labs,
and on cutting open a capsule for inspection
I was dismayed by what I found;
a firm paste consistency
that when rubbed through the fingers,
distinctive "gritty" feel
of the ascorbic acid crystals is felt
- this shouldn't occur if the ascorbic acid
is coated by the lipids.
The taste test confirms it also...
it has the unmistakable sour tang of
ascorbic acid.
If you're familiar with the Livon Labs product,
you'll know what I'm talking about.
It's disappointing, and I expect
this product is no more beneficial
than taking regular ascorbic acid ... .
Reviewer2177198 From Australia on Sep 30, 2013
I have written to the Mercola website
re the ascorbic acid appearing to not be
liposomal form when the capsules are opened.
They said consuming it with water activates the liposomes .
mercola`try to get c from organic veg:
I cannot stress enough the emphasis I placed
on the quality of the
Mercola Liposomal Vitamin C formula.
My team and I spent over 18 months
doing our due diligence with the chosen manufacturer,
before agreeing to any form of partnership.
And I wasn't just satisfied to read and hear about
Capsugel's incredible innovation and quality processes,
I personally traveled there myself
to witness them first-hand.
Just as you closely review credentials
when you're hiring a contractor or an employee,
it's wise to highly scrutinize
the credentials of the company making your supplements
... and that's exactly what I did.
facts about Capsugel:
# Spent more than 15 years developing the
unique "Licaps®" capsule design and processes
# Successfully received cGMP certification
for its facility in France in 2003
You can have peace-of-mind knowing that
my team and I have made a well thought-out
and thoroughly-investigated choice of manufacturer
for providing you a high-quality product.