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6.10: web.psy/childhood animal cruelty/prelude to Antisoc'PD
Animal cruelty and psychiatric disorders.
Gleyzer R, Felthous AR, Holzer CE 3rd.
Western State Hospital, Tacoma, WA 98498-7213, USA. rgleyzer1@msn.com
. Animal cruelty in childhood, although generally viewed as
abnormal or deviant, for years was not considered
symptomatic of any particular psychiatric disorder.
Although animal cruelty is currently used as a
diagnostic criterion for conduct disorder,
research establishing the diagnostic significance of this behavior
is essentially nonexistent.
In the current study, investigators tested the hypothesis that
a history of substantial animal cruelty
is associated with a diagnosis of
antisocial personality disorder (APD)
and looked for associations with other disorders
commonly diagnosed in
a population of criminal defendants.
Forty-eight subjects, criminal defendants who had histories of
substantial animal cruelty,
were matched with defendants without this history.
Data were systematically obtained from the files
by using four specifically designed data retrieval outlines.
A history of animal cruelty during childhood
was significantly associated with
APD, antisocial personality traits,
and polysubstance abuse.
Mental retardation, psychotic disorders, and alcohol abuse
showed no such association.