booking for mac tips

8.12: bk.addn/mac:

file vault & secure v.mem
for checksums, see cmd openssl sha1 yourfile

todo. dev.au tweakheadz.com [done]
In the Guide you can learn all the basics of how
the latest recording technologies work, step by step,
from easy-to-read pages to in-depth articles
that seasoned audio professionals will appreciate.

todo.web/saas(sw as a service):


dashcode is a simpler xcode for dashboard widget dev'ing .

run disk utility`{ repair permissions, verify disk }
if it finds a problem
then start in safe mode(holding down shift key)
that includes a disk utility `repair disk;
so, restart again,
and normal mode is running with repaired disk .

app`pref's live in ~/library/pref's/*.plist

. diagnostic disk has quick mode to try first,
your problem not detected? then long mode
and see apple care with results .

. reboot with c key to install disk to chg pass of admn

ichat has theatre to also view presentations like iphoto

todo: perceptiveautomation.com