inflammation syndrome

8.15: news.health/chia is the best omega3 grain:
. see:
. salba[brand] nutritional facts (grams)/100g:
21.2 protein
34.5 fat
6.3 omega6
22.8 omega3
1.9 mono
37.5 carb
3.4 sat
3.5 sf (soluble fiber)
34 insoluble fiber .

8.29: sci.health/(full-)motion aerobics:
. just putting all joints through all angles
seemed to involve a surprising amount of air;
wondered if there's much toxins not being flushed
but by motion
or if moving in new ways
both works the brain
and causes mass use of usually relaxed muscles .

12.10: health/hormonics/inflammation syndrome:
. one thing with old age could be this spiral of no gh,
more calls on the non-gh branch of immune system,
more inflammation, which then calls cortisol,
cortisol further increases insulin resistance
which aggravates lack of gh .
(because insulin resistance resists gh too).