prodigal son

9.27: relig/bible/prodigal son/the best inheritance is education:
. this story is typically seen as a reminder to children
that while a parent's love may be unconditional
(or even sarcastically over-the-top),
others will surely make you regret
flowing with the foolish impulses of
inexperience and youthful hormones .
. another interpretation is that the fool
could have avoided angry brothers
while still getting his inheritance early
if our culture would encourage fathers to routinely
use their wealth to educate their children
-- give them all their inheritance now!

11.25: the prodigal son

. if you're not familiar with that bible story,
it's about this young guy who has an itch
to be a traveling party lover,
and asks his rich father for all his inheritance money right now!
. he wants it now instead of waiting until father's death
-- huh? (dis-honoring your parents goes against a 10-commandments) .
. he spends all the money on partying,
and when the money runs out
things get worse because the land he is in
is having a recession!
. the only job a party boy can find
is serving pigs who eat better than he does!
. so then he finds himself lamenting:
. oh, my father's cows eat better than I do,
if only I could go back and ask my father
would he take me back even just as a servant ?!
. the father is so overjoyed apon seeing that the spirit of
partying -- and recessions! -- has not killed his son
that he orders a major feast (killing an entire cow) .
. but his brothers are not happy:
he dragged the family name through the mud,
and now we are going to feast about it ?!
. his brothers feel ashamed
about letting their father be dishonored .