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I am looking at purchasing a reliable external hard drive for my MacBook Pro,
but I also want to back up some files from a friend's PC.
Does anyone know of a good desktop external hard drive that can be
used for both OS's without having to reformat for one or the other?

the FrŽdŽric Lejal 2-partition disk:
* partition your disk, and make one parition HFS+ for your Mac,
and the other partition NTFS for Windows.
Mac will be able to read and write the HFS+ partition, and read the NTFS.
Windows will only see the NTFS parition,
with read and write permissions
* read this
and proceed to installation to have your Mac able to read AND WRITE on NTFS,
and format your external drive in NTFS:
you will be able to share the disk both with Macs and Windows,
even for files bigger than 4Gb

my reply:

. ideas I liked summarized from above:
. purchase the enclosure and disk separately .
. Seagate drives are great, 5 year warranty;
but lacie raid is awesome:

. for your need of
a general mac drive that also does pc backup,
2 ideas:
. the FrŽdŽric Lejal 2-partition disk (is that timemachine ready?) .
. the Frederik Vande Rieviere NAS idea:
. a free network-attached storage server,
supporting: CIFS (Samba), FTP, NFS, rsync, AFP protocols, iSCSI, S.M.A.R.T.,
local user authentication, and software RAID (0,1,5),
with a web-based configuration interface.
FreeNAS takes less than 64 MB once installed on
hard drive, CompactFlash, or USB flash drive.[1]
FreeNAS is currently distributed as an ISO image and in source form.
It is possible to run FreeNAS from a Live CD,
with the configuration files stored on an MS-DOS-formatted floppy disk.
There is also a VMware disk image available.

. for a {mac, pc} backup solution on my 8gb usb sd card
I format as fat32, and then for mac files
I use a near-4gb dmg file formatted as Mac OS Extended (journaled)
which I believe gives me better protection from fat32 file corruptions?