Holford's Optimum Nutrition for the Mind

psy/Holford's Optimum Nutrition for the Mind:

. Holford's flax seed info contradicts that of Zone diet .
. gla(primrose, borage) good for schiz'ia .
. pyroluria: like schiz'ia but cured by b6, zinc .

. The three best sources of GLA are Borage Seed Oil, Black Currant Oil,
and Evening Primrose Oil.
Borage Seed Oil (usually about 24% GLA)
contains about 5% more GLA than Black Currant Oils,
and more than twice as much GLA per capsule
as Evening Primrose Oil (which usually contains about 10% GLA).
As a result of its high percentage of GLA, when you take Borage Seed Oil,
you end up taking less of the undesirable Omega-6 (lenoleic acid) oils.
) .
Borage Seed Oil is the second of the four most important diet supplements,
which are: Fish Oil, Borage Seed Oil, Green Tea and Magnesium.
-- [12.21: eating plenty of greens will provide magnesium,
the most important mineral supp' is selenium .]
. I'm already familiar with this advice:
beans are a great source of zinc, tryptophan, vit.e, glutathione,
and of course, slow-releasing carb's and high-protein .
we differ some:
. I think the safe forms of niacin are a bit spendy,
[12.21: I recently started using it though];
he thinks carnitine is too spendy;
he doesn't mention huperzine or galanthamine .

8.18: web.health/www.mentalhealthproject.com: