4.18: tech.gear/garden/drip pipes:
. an efficient way to water plants with a drip
is finding a pipe that the hose (or nozzle)
could fit into,
then placing a pipe into the ground
next to each plant .

6.15: proj.apt`yard/stump pull/finale!:
. the last 2 stumps were pulled up,
and arranged with the recently-pulled others (by the fence for the alley) .
. it was tricky teasing the last stump away from nearby hackberry bush,
but that had been transplanted there only recently,
so I wasn't expecting too much root expansion .
-- there were a foot roots exposed though;
and, this is its second disturbance since being taken from the nursery:
it had been planted in what I later found was officially
future sidewalk space, so I had to move it yet again .
. I gave it a heavy watering overnight;
so, there would be plenty of fine filling around the exposed roots .

8.26: proj.apt`yard/water holes:
. to help get more of the hose dripping into the desired target plants,
the caliche bar was used to create a hole near the base of each plant,
and then the hose`nozzle is inserted into each hole .

8.25: mis.gear/pruner/snapped bolt,
. when things like this start binding up,
stop to clean and add some oil .

8.26: proj.gear/pruner/fix snapped bolt:
. the bolt was replaced with a smaller one,
lubed with dry waxy spray .
. it should be good for smaller branches .
-- a hand on each handle,
rather than both hands on one handle,
and an arm pit on the other handle .

10.4: apt`yard/trees not doing well:
. we can see from how well the hacks are doing,
that being in the irrigation streaming from the street run-off
is not the problem .
. now it occurs to me that I had neglected the trees for a while,
and became alarmed when the southern trees had become so dry
that all their leaves fell off .
. while the north trees faired well from run-off from co#north,
there was less from the south [it's also uphill from the south]
. I'm theorizing now that being that dry made it sickly
and prone to rot when watered later .

10.16: todo.apt/tree unhealthy needs to promote fungus:
Trees and landscapes should be designed and installed to be sustainable -- to provide long-lasting beauty and utility through healthy growth that does not require unnecessary maintenance. However, as every arborist who has made an emergency call knows, this is often not the case. Replacement of poorly grown or improperly planted trees is commonplace. Most urban soils that support landscape trees remain in poor condition -- highly compacted and low in organic matter. The result is high plant mortality, higher rework ..
10.18: proj.apt`yard/tree#north.iron/weeded:
. wondering if the tree is yellowing due to
competition from the burmuda grass,
raked away all the mulch cover and tilled with a caliche bar
so then most of the nearby grass was easy to uproot .