presbyterians for health care

6.4: co.relig/presbyterian/origins:

. presbyterians are the closest ones rallying for health care reform?
what is that group?
Greek word presbuteros which means "elder."
(Presbyterian church in Acts 14:23, 20:17, Titus 1:5).

A former Catholic priest, John Knox, developed a church in Scotland
based primarily on John Calvin's theological doctrines.
The Calvinistic theology holds that God predestines individuals to
eternal beatitude or eternal damnation.
Those chosen by God to be "saved" are referred to as the "elect"
and can be assured of their salvation.
# Women can be ordained to the ministry.
# The Presbyterian denomination does not advocate a pro-life stance on abortion
. The182nd General Assembly of the U.S. Presbyterian church declared that
"the artificial or induced termination of pregnancy is a matter of
the careful ethical decision of the patient
and therefore should not be restricted by law"