2014 usa homeland security review

7.23: news.pol/healthcare/2014 usa homeland security review:
. this is my abstract and commentary of usa's
. over the next five years,
there are four potential "black swans"
that could materially change our assessment of
overall homeland security risk and priorities:
Rapid adoption of technology-driven
changes to manufacturing processes,
such as three-dimensional printing,
[ which can mass-produce firearms ]
fundamentally altering the importance of
transnational flows of information
in relation to the transnational flows of goods;
[ because 3D printers will allow you to make
anything with downloadable instructions .]
A country unexpectedly becoming a failed state,
leading to loss of control over weapons tech
[ such as Tesla beam weapons as seen on 9/11
getting into the hands of the anti-zionists]
or loss of general border integrity;
A substantial increase in sophistication of
hostile non-state actors [terrorists],
gaining the ability to launch a campaign of
well-coordinated and highly organized attacks.
extreme climate change.
[ during the war expected by Fall 2016
there will be major use of weather modification
and Tesla beam weapons that cause earthquakes
and perhaps pole shifting that can change
which land is above ocean water .]
[ all-out world war:
usa definitely plans to have WWIII;
so they can't consider it a black swan event;
but they don't mention it in the 5 year forecast,
and it is coming by Fall 2016 .
. it will bring extreme climate change,
near-global infrastructure degradation,
global supply chain breakdown,
and what is euphemistically referred to as
the zombie apocalypse (police overwhelmed
by loss of power and communications).
. they likely won't be using nukes;
because they have something much more powerful
with much less fallout pollution:
the dustifying Tesla gravity beam weapons
as seen on 9/11 .]

These changes are not planned for or expected
yet if they were to happen,
they would fundamentally alter
the homeland security strategic environment .
[ beware the the cyber-physical convergence
and the brittle JIT global supply chain
(just-in-time delivery with low inventory backup) .
. to see the 5-year future,  look at the 100-year past .]

homeland security since 9/11:
. the terrorist threat is increasingly decentralized:
. al-Qa'ida's senior leadership has been degraded;
but, others are ideologically aligned with them
and have emerged with attack capability .
. the Arabian Peninsula is currently the greatest concern
-- particularly against the aviation industry.
see also the Middle East, West Africa, and North Africa,
particularly in Syria and neighboring states.
.  a primary concern is that violent extremists
can move undetected across porous borders
within conflict zones—such as today's conflicts in
Syria, Somalia, and Yemen— where they can train in
terrorist tactics, skills, and weapons.
At the same time, several countries are
on the edge of state failure
and are unable to secure their own borders,
or prevent the illicit movement of people and goods,
and collect customs revenues to support governance.

Nuclear Posture Review (2010):
. the usa is committed to hold fully accountable
any state, terrorist group, or other non-state actor
that supports or enables terrorist efforts
to obtain or use weapons of mass destruction.
. that commitment is made possible by usa's
ability to identify nuclear perpetrators
through information gained from nuclear forensics,
intelligence, and law enforcement.

Flows of people and goods around the world
have expanded dramatically in recent years.
The value of U.S. exports and imports
increased between 2005 and 2012;
exports increased by 72%, and imports by 36%.
Both are expected to grow through 2030
an average of 6% annually .

. Immigrants build bridges to other nations,
personally extending our diplomatic reach.
They serve in our military and intelligence services
with honor, and sometimes contributing
important language and cultural skills.
Immigration enhances how the United States is perceived
—as a cosmopolitan nation made up of many cultures
and as a champion of humanitarian causes around the world.
. from 2005 to 2012,
Lawful travel to usa increased 36%
from 2012 to 2018
it may increase by more than 25% .
[... unless it dawns on people that they may be safer
some place other than usa or Russia .]
Air travel internationally has increased by 47%
in the same seven-year period.
[. this is the new capitalism:
all the professionals are getting imported,
held to slavish work visas .]

. we have an estimated 11.5 million
living in America without documentation .
Climate change and associated trends
may also indirectly act as "threat multipliers".
aggravating stressors abroad that can
enable terrorist activity and violence,
such as poverty, environmental degradation,
and social [racial, economic class] tensions.
More severe droughts and tropical storms,
especially in Central America, and the Caribbean,
could also increase population movements,
both legal and illegal, across the U.S. border.
. the Border Patrol has doubled in a decade
from 10,000 agents in 2004 to 21,370,
and there is now use of drones .

Melting sea ice in the Arctic may lead to
new routes for smuggling and trafficking,
increased risk of [oil spill] disasters,
and illicit resource exploitation.
[ fighting over who owns the oil or fish .]
Higher temperatures may change patterns of diseases,
putting plants and animals at higher risk.
The United States may need to prepare for
more frequent, short-term, disaster-driven migration.
Higher temperatures and more intense storms
may also disrupt phone and power systems,
creating challenges for public and emergency calls,
and internet failure could affect other services
(power, water, etc are cyber controlled).
Finally, the cost of preparing or recovering
is anticipated to grow as weather-related events
continue to become more severe and damaging.

water, sewer, power, and roads:
. infrastructure has not kept pace with
U.S. population growth or growth in demand;
33% of major roads are in mediocre condition,
and approximately 25% of the Nation's bridges
are either structurally deficient
or functionally obsolete.

the cyber-JIT global supply chain:
. the nation's critical infrastructure has become
controled by cyberspace,
and this "cyber-physical convergence"
increases risks to energy, transportation,
agriculture and healthcare.
. services are also more interlinked,
such that, a failure in one business
can bring down large parts of the
global supply chain .
[ JIT (just in time) technology
reduces costs by minimizing inventory;
but if just a few critical parts suppliers fail,
then all dependent parts and services also fail
until a new set of suppliers can be found;
so, there will be much starvation by 2017
if WWIII hits us by Fall 2016 .]

The cyber ecosystem [planned] by DHS
needs to make [anti-malware] widely available:
self-mitigating and self-healing systems
to address threats at machine speed.
Consistent standards are needed for
sharing information across organizations
and developing interoperable technologies .
DHS will work with [biz and gov] partners
and across the science and policy communities
to identify promising technologies and standards
that enable trust-based, privacy-centric, 
automated sharing of cybersecurity information 
to limit the spread of incidents .
[ all non-nanokernel systems -- mac, linux, pc --
are backdoored for use by the police (NSA, CIA);
and, instead of securing our systems,
usa will work to prevent others from using
the backdoors that their police need .
. what we need is a legit' backdoor
that gives the police read-only access
instead of malware-planting abilities .]

who's wearing the white hats? everyone!

Whole Community preparedness:
. recognizing that preparedness is
a shared responsibility,
the Whole Community approach calls for
the involvement of everyone --not just gov.
. Whole Community is a means by which
[ both citizens and leaders, etc]
are making smart decisions about how to
organize resources to meet any special needs
[. is everyone able to to evacuate?
can they stay in place and still deal with
loss of police, power or water? ]
The Whole Community approach is based on
three core principles:
(1) understanding and meeting the actual needs
of the Whole Community;
(2) empowering all parts of the community; and
(3) strengthening what works well,
what in communities works on a daily basis.

. DHS (the dept of homeland security) includes
U.S. Customs & Border Protection,
U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services,
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA),
U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement,
and Transportation Security Administration,
U.S. Coast Guard, and U.S. Secret Service .

[ Fall 2003 homeland security includes military:
. U.S. Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) is the military
that is engaged in homeland security:
eliminates gaps among the different military organizations
that currently have homeland defense responsibilities
and strengthens military support to civilian agencies.
In August 2003 there was multi-level testing,
and by October, USNORTHCOM was fully operational,
ready for homeland security and Federal relief events.]
. DOJ deconflicts federal criminal investigations
through several organizations, including
the  International Organized Crime 
Intelligence and Operations Center, 
and, the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement
Task Force Fusion Center. 
[ seeing this in a homeland security report
reminded me that if the CIA were into
organized crime activities (narcotics dealing),
that would do much to support national security
without betraying how large our budget was.
. the CIA's job is to fight the unpopular wars,
the wars usa fights under the table,
protecting us from socialism and anti-zionism .]

The National Preparedness System includes
The National Exercise Program
which serves as the cornerstone
of a collective effort to test, improve,
and assess national preparedness.
Catastrophic planning is performed both at
FEMA Headquarters and regional offices
in collaboration with the Whole Community
and includes planning for
National Special Security Events.
[. this verbiage reminded me that
they called the 9/11 event a "pancake collapse",
and then Dr.Judy Wood proved by
ruling out all the competing theories
that only a secret beam weapon technology
could have caused such dustification .
. my theory was that 9/11 was done by
some of usa's secret military (like the CIA)
for ritually signalling to us that WWIII had begun;
and, they were also declaring that
the winner would be decided with beam weapons
and other secret Tesla-beam technologies
such as flying saucers with anti-gravity beams .
. to see the 5-year future,
look at the 100-year past .]