United Countries vs United Communities #Israel #Ukraine #WWIII

7.24: pol/United Countries vs United Communities:
. the purpose of the coming wwIII is to
give military muscle to the United Nations (UN);
and, I'm concerned about what sort of government
the UN will be enforcing globally .
. it seems like much of the world is aligned with
the policies of usa-Israel rather than Russia;
and it's likely the WWIII winner will determine
what sort of UN the world must be subject to .
. this concerns me because the usa strongly supports
the will of countries over communities .
. obviously there are some bad communities
( slavers, nazis, and fascists ),
but look what usa has done with good communities:
. Palestine had good Muslim communities
and then they were forced by Europeans
to share their land with a massive immigration;
all to pay for the debt incurred by their forefathers
-- that theft was over a thousand years ago!
(actually it was the Romans who stole it;
but they lost it to Christians, who lost it to Muslims).
. if Israel should be owned by Hebrew/Judaism
then the community-oriented choice would have been
to ofer Arabic/Muslims a million dollars per house
to move elsewhere or convert to Hebrew/Judaism .
. what actually happened was a farce:
Europeans forced Arabs to absorb a huge immigration
of the people who claimed Arab land as Jewish homeland;
. ok, so that was sure to start wwIII,
but what about after wwIII,
shouldn't the world's country borders
be defined by pockets of language/culture?
do we force conversions or shift borders?
. like the Israel-vs-Islam ulcer,
Ukraine's problem was created by WWII's solution:
Russia had forced unions with neighbors like Ukraine
in order to defend itself from invasions by
anymore fascist/anticommunists coming out of Europe,
and then when Russia's Union collapsed,
a lot of infused/emigrated Russians were stranded .
. what is it to be a Ukrainian
when your entire community speaks a language
that's no longer officially recognized by Ukraine?
. there is nothing wrong with speaking Russian
and a nation should speak one language,
so the community-oriented choice would be to
divide Ukraine into countries along language,
rather than forcing Russians or Ukrainians
to learn both languages .
. but in defense of Ukraine,
shouldn't every language have a homeland
where newcomers are expected to learn the language
rather than shift the country's borders?
. how about a little game space too,
land which is not considered a homeland,
but can be the language of whichever people
has the wealth to be the super.majority ?