Jeremiah's interpretation of the Law #Judaism

7.9: relig/judaism/Jeremiah's interpretation of the Law:
Rabbi Joshua Ratner:
. why we continue to support infant circumcision
as a Jewish ritual. If I had to pick one reason,
it would be the power of ritual
to connect countless generations of Jews to one another
and to a unique covenantal relationship with God.
While this is true of many practices,
perhaps none encapsulates the linking of covenant
and inter-generational engagement
as much as circumcision
because brit milah (circumcision)
is the biblical sign of covenantal acceptance.
. the Jewish Bible is quite clear about
the god wanting his people circumcised; [Gen 17]
but the context was that his people were
not being fruitful and multiplying, [Gen 15]
whereas circumcision would promote fertility
by discouraging masturbation and possibly
the transmission of diseases that cause infertility;
therefore, we could interpret this to mean that
what was actually required was population growth
(eg, social rituals that promote a 3rd child)
until the entire earth was dominated by
the type of people acceptable to the god .
. likewise for Kosher laws,
the intent was promotion of communal health;
so, the god's people can either abstain from pork
or they can be careful that pork is properly de-wormed .
. the Kosher laws tell us health is important,
and that's why we follow the scientific diet
rather than the diet of our passions .
. the god said his next Law for us
would be written in our hearts: [Jeremiah 31:31-34]
that will be the age of rationality and science;
and, in that age we will remember Abraham and Moses
as the god's first community health providers .