Richmond model of crime prevention

18: news.pol/Richmond model of crime prevention:
yea Richmond, paying people to prevent crime!
we should pay people to not breed;
and stop paying for the drug war .
motherjones.com 2014/06:
For years, Richmond California had been battling
one of the nation's worst homicide rates;
A state senator compared the city to Iraq.
In late 2007, DeVone Boggan launched the
Office of Neighborhood Safety,
an experimental public-private partnership
that's introduced the "Richmond model" for
rolling back street violence.
. the program's street team sifts through police records;
along with their own detective methods:
The coordinators, most of them former convicts,
check in with their sources such as
corner stores, barbershops, and churches
and report back daily on what they've heard.
. that intelligence is used for determining
the 50 people in Richmond most likely
to shoot someone and to be shot themselves.
. In exchange for avoiding crime,
ONS fellows may receive for up to 9 months,
$300 to $1,000 per month,
depending on cooperation levels;
but other benefits of the program can last up to
18 months until they turn 25.
. ONS staffers may offer assistance
such as getting a driver's license or a GED
or raising $5,000 for a merchant-marine training class.
. The city gave ONS $1.2 million for its operating budget,
but the money for the stipends came from private donors,
including the health care giant Kaiser Permanente.
(A Kaiser spokeswoman says the program is good for
"diffusing community tensions and reducing violence,"
thereby limiting stress-related health risks like
heart disease, strokes, and diabetes.)