Dr. Walter Haut vs beam weapon theorists

7.1: pol/911truther/Dr. Walter Haut/beam weapon theorist:
. "Dr Walter Haut" appears to be a fabricated mockery
of my hero Dr.Judy Wood;
amazon.com has Dr Haut listed as writing about
beam weapons on 9/11 -- just as Dr.Wood does --
but none of his books were available or in print,
so I wondered if his series was a publicity stunt
put on by truthers adding to Wood's beam theory
or counter-truthers trying to associate
beam weapon theorists such as Dr. Judy Wood
with conspiracy theorists ad adsurdum
who would have have us distrust
Freemasons, Obama, and FEMA camps
(quite the contrary:
when this country is ripped apart by WWIII,
FEMA camps will be our only source of
food, water, and safe policing
unless you thoughtfully prepared by 2016).
. I couldn't find any other mention on the web
of a Dr Walter Haut but there is a
1st Lt. Walter Haut
famous for being an alien truther .
. here he is talking about aliens
( Glen Dennis, Walter Haut and Mark Bean
Disclosure Project Witness Testimony Archive).

amazon`search( 9/11 beam weapons):
# Where Did the Towers Go? 
Evidence of Directed Free-energy Technology on 9/11:
Judy Wood, Eric Larsen: 9780615412566
Inside The Inside Job: Controlled by Conspiracy: 
Dr Walter Haut: 9781475270990

. the cover of that book, "Inside The Inside Job"
shows the 9/11 trade towers being
attacked by a flying saucer beam weapon .
. the abstract reads like this:
Inside The Inside Job: Controlled By Conspiracy
A modern look back into the insidious events that
led to and surrounded the horribleness
that shook the world. Learn how the 9-11 event
was used to distract Americans from the
sudden loss of their freedoms
and the “conspiracy” was in fact manufactured
by the government (both sides of the conspiracy)
to be used as an exceptionally effective tool of deception.
Brought to you by the famed conspiracy author Dr. Haut
. amazon lists other "Dr. Haut" books too
but *none* are available ...
and all of his books were Published by in 2012
by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.

here are abstracts of his other books:
Deadly Secrets of the Freemasons:
A Complete and Comprehensive Look at
One of the World's Most Secret Society
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform,
Apr 30, 2012 - 136 pages
A daring look inside the true evil that
holds this world and modern culture firmly in its talon.
Brought to you by the award winning author of
"Mind Control, Sex and Nibiru, The CIA Connection"
and many other trail blazing conspiracy books. illuminate
Obama Bilderberg: The Plan Behind the Power Is Revealed
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform,
May 2, 2012 - 122 pages A Detailed and brave look
inside the real plans of the power-elite.
The lid blown off and pried wide open by
award winning conspiracy debunking author Dr. Haut.
You think you know who pulls the strings,
you think you know what "their" plan is...
but the truth is beyond your worst nightmares.
Mind Control, Sex and Nibiru the C.I.A. Connection
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform,
Apr 26, 2012 - 184 pages
Learn the insidious truth behind the C.I.A.,
see how they use mind control, sex and the planet Nibiru
to influence your most basic structures of faith.
2012 Ufo: What You Need to Know about 2012 and UFOs
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform,
Apr 26, 2012 - 248 pages
You may be shocked by the information in this book,
The Government(s) have tried to suppress this information
for nearly 2000 years.
What is the connection between the end of the world
and the UFOs? Find the TRUTH at last!
This book uses actual interviews and historical facts
to outline the NAKED truth,
The only reason this book has been allowed to be printed
is because it is in fact TOO LATE to change what is coming!
American Death Camps: 
An in Depth Look at What the U. S. Government
Has Planned for YOU
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform,
Apr 26, 2012 - 124 pages
Discover the terrible plan of events the world government
has in store for YOU and YOUR family.
Learn what proactive actions YOU can take to
SURVIVE this upcoming world event.
From the cattle car shackles to the plastic coffins,
with a short time of forced labor in between,
find out how financial debt is being used to
usher in a NEW fascism that promises to be 1000 times worse
than anything Hitler could have ever dreamed up!
Discover how YOU have been trained from day 1
to accept their slavery,
and once you know the truth,
how to reprogram your mind to be truly free.
"1st Lt." versus "Dr" Walter Haut:
. so who is this "Dr Walter Haut"?
it is not clear whether the "Dr Walter Haut"
is the same as the Lieutenant Walter Haut
that is known for outing the usa government
as it tried to suppress alien evidence .

Lieutenant Haut comes out right after 9/11:
In 2002 Walter elected to come clean for history
about what really had happened
[concerning an alien crash].
None of the press reports he was made [by the gov]
to distribute were true.
Walt said that there was in fact a small craft
that was piloted that had crashed.
He saw it and the debris
and one of the extraterrestrial beings.
This announcement made headlines and brought Roswell
back in the news like never before in the preceding 60 years
that the crash had occurred.
Towards the end of his life, Haut himself said
that he would receive regular phone threats
for many years after the incident. He said to one researcher,
“There were so many calls I lost track of them
- about 20 years of it.”
One of these calls was from the retired Colonel son of
a late General who told Haut,
“Lieutenants should know how to keep their mouths shut.”
Among Walter’s personal affects were found Christmas cards
from the former head of the CIC intelligence
at Ft. Worth, TX, Milton Knight.
One of the cards read,
“I still say that there were no bodies at Ft. Worth.”