national security challenge of the 21st century

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defense.gov news:
Aspen Security Forum in Colorado,
 A panel of experts discussed the specter of
terrorists armed with WMD's (weapons of mass destruction)
-- nuclear, biological, chemical, etc .
Among the panelists was Andrew C. Weber,
assistant secretary of defense for
nuclear, chemical and biological defense programs .
. materials for bioweapons are widely dispersed;
we need to map the WMD terrorism supply network.
And because terrorist use of WMD's would so damaging,
we need to avoid a failure of imagination
-- where we didn't connect the dots .
(recall the 9-11 Commission determination)
[ ha! what a tall tale that was,
as if the CIA and FBI were blind,
more likely they were co-conspirators
for surely 9/11 was an inside job!
nevertheless, the point stands:
9/11, whoever did it, was a wake-up call,
and we should make good use of that call .
. people don't realize what Israel's creation means
and how it committed us to developing
the global surveillance and arms-control state;
so, 9/11 put everybody on the same page .]
. the Global Health Security Agenda,
is an international effort to boost the capacity for
prevention, detection and response to disease outbreaks.
The program has grown to more than 40 countries
and includes participation by the World Health Organization
and the World Organization for Animal Health.
The traditional counter-WMD community is very focused on
countries like Iran, Syria and other countries with programs;
but, the U.S. Special Operations Command
with 12-plus years of a counterterrorism experience
and will be applying this to global WMD control .
. the intelligence community has the
National Counterterrorism Center
and the National Counterproliferation Center.