prioritizing supplements for a tight budget

health/prioritizing supplements for a tight budget:
. I'm looking for ways to save more in preparation for
lower luck and higher inflation;
so, I'm trying to replace health supplements
with items that foodstamps will pay for .

. the Zone diet recommends only 2 supp's:
distilled fish oil and vitamine E;
but, if trying to survive on food stamps,
the best approach to omega-3 is to limit omega-6,
(avoid grains, nuts, and grain-fed meat)
then get some sardines or wild salmon
and plenty of chia seed .

. if you've been taking carnitine and ALA,
that should be maintained because of dependency issues
(watch your blood sugar when reducing).
. also, if using anything hormonal
(nettle, DIM, progesterone, DHEA, etc)
those should be reduced very slowly;
but foodstamps will get DIM from vegetables .

. people in their 80's may benefit from
whey protein isolate,
but EgglandsBest yolks are a healthy yolk,
and yolks can replace whey
as a way to increase glutathione levels .

. people with signs of macular degeneration should
keep using astaxanthan and zeaxanthin supp's;
but foodstamps will buy plenty of
greens for lutein,
yolks for zeaxanthin,
and seafood for astaxanthin
(beware farm-raised fish has no astaxanthin).
. there is a 3rd party tested krill oil
that comes with the preferred omega-3
(a phosholipid vs triglyceride).
and is a natural source of 1.4mg of Astaxanthin .
[PS: if you want a fishoil with a longer shelf life,
you might prefer lef.org's rosemary formula ...]

. one reason to stay supplied in supps is that
the global supply chain is very fragile
and supp's can store a year's supply of nutrition
without refrigeration .
. 2014 - 2016 looks like the time for WWIII,
and that would create long-term shortages .
. just look at how Russia in Ukraine
is being portrayed like Hitler in Poland;
and also Syria and Iran are only getting hotter
which are allies of Russia and enemies of Israel .