webcam pedophilia sting operation like drones

8.27: news.pol/children's rights/
webcam pedophilia sting operation like drones:
27: summary:
. webcam pedophiles (defined as those who are
asking children to masturbate in front of the webcam
and may involve exposing children to adult masturbation)
are getting caught by a new policing strategy
because they can't tell the difference between
a human and a computer-generated character;
and, they show their face during the crime,
which can lead to identification of the offender .

. perhaps we should upset the pedophilia pimps
by competing with them in large numbers
using botnets simulating millions of children .
. the clients may get wise to showing their face;
so, the stings will be harder to carry through;
but by dumping fake targets en masse
far less money will go to pedophilia pimps,
and thus there will be less incentive
to induct children into an alienating culture .

. a vid about the new policing strategy .

avaaz.org`political action petition for more such policing:
An estimated 750,000 pedophiles are online,
but only six men have so far been convicted of
paying young people to perform sex acts in front of webcams.
. to Justice Ministers, Police Chiefs and Child Protection Chiefs:
As citizens concerned about
children’s mental and physical welfare,
we call on you to crack down on Webcam Child Sex Tourism.
This will require announcing a plan for
intercepting potential predators in public chat rooms,
initiating prosecutions and challenging intermediaries
who enable and profit from this vile trade.
We expect you to act fast, decisively and accountably,
to prevent more young lives being ruined.