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2014.2.9: web.gear/solar.oven/compare amazon offerings:
All American Sun Oven

base oven is $294.00, extras is $45.5:
($339.50 oven w/Dehydrating and Accesories Package:)
[ accessories according to reviewers: ]
3 - dehydration racks, 2 - bread loaf pans,
dvd and some parchment paper.
2 - stackable pots
with one metal lid and one glass lid,
1 - WAPI device, 2 - ground stakes,
$379.00 oven w/Christmas Accessory Package
Ships from and sold by SolarTown.

4.6: proj.cook`gear/solar.oven/15:00..16:00 got to 340F:
. in desert's April from 3pm to 4pm,
the temp quickly got to 300F; and,
 by the time the window was fogging up, an hour later,
the temp was 340F .

4.6: proj.cook`gear/solar.oven/init:
. I don't have vinegar,
so I'm using 3t citric acid in a cup of water;
once that heats up I scrub the oven with it
4.6: mis,proj.cook`gear/solar.oven/init/
rinse leaks through rivet holes: 
. the final part of the initialization is using the hot acidic water
to wipe down the inside of the hot oven;
so, thinking it was waterproof,
I dumped the citric water inside the oven,
and noticed only later that there are rivet holes
that let the water into the insulated area underneath .


4.16: aq.cook`gear/sunoven.com/register:
register# 0105004:
nice dealing with amazon;
wondered what's on the cd;
my chromebook can't read a cd[sic*]
(it expects to get everything online) [8.28:
*: Chrome OS can read ISO9660-formatted CD-ROMs;
however, while I could read the SunOven cd-rom;
it contained nothing but a mac/pc program;
likely intended to copy-protect all their data .]

4.6: proj.cook`gear/solar.oven/wapi test:
. filled a pan with water and added a wapi
(water pasteurization indicator)
but it was 4:30pm which turned out to be
too late in the day for this time of year (desert april).

build-your-own tips

2013.11.25: news.gear/solar oven/omick.net's tips:
uses mirrors as reflectors;
(but confused birds can run into mirrors)
-- why mirrors:
heavy galvanized metal flashing oxidized
and required periodic re-covering with new aluminum foil.
 how to get the right angle:
as a function of glass lid width and reflector height .
Angle = 90° + sin^-1( 0.25(b^2/a^2)^0.5 + 8 - b/(4a) )
a = glass width
b = reflector length
. for 18" glass and 2ft mirror,
117 degrees from glass line to mirror line .
 other details:
. two 18" square pieces of double-strength tempered glass .
The 2 pieces of glass are separated by
4 pieces of 1/8" wooden dowel
held in place with a bead of 100% silicone caulk