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8.27: news.psy/parapsy/Morphic Resonance:
. the idea that your brain's memory is more like a
radio receiver than a computer storage,
is included in a theory known as Morphic Resonance .
. just as there is a shared evolving memory for minds
there are shared memory stores for some natural laws
such as epigenetics and crystal formations .
video: Dr Rupert Sheldrake: 
"Morphic Resonance, 
Collective Memory and the Habits of Nature" .
. some of the laws of nature, rather than being constant,
are actually just habits that can evolve .
. this principle of memory in nature
is what is called "morphic resonance";
the idea is that occurrences [like crystal formations]
influence subsequent reoccurrences .
. when a new chemical is formed,
it can be a very long wait getting it to crystalize;
but once a crystalization does take place,
subsequent crystalizations happen more quickly
as if the crystalization laws involve an intelligence
that needs practice in order to get good at
crystalizing unfamiliar chemicals .
all of nature is organized by fields:
. when separated materials affect each other,
they do so through the laws of fields;
all of matter may be composed of fields .
. fields are modifications of mere space;
an electron is a vibration within an electron field, etc;
. today's superstring physics
are an attempt to unify these fields
[ or hide the weaponizable aspects of physics
that Tesla and Hutchison touched on .]
. in much of physics, the whole is found to be
more than the sum of its parts .
. the hidden part defining the whole
is hypothesized to be the fields,
and the morphic fields have an evolvable memory
affecting future events via morphic resonance .
. the term "morphic fields" grows out of biology's
"morphogenetic fields" which explain, for instance,
why limbs with the same DNA
can morph into either an arm or a leg .
. biology also has a wholistic field property
to describe the situation where
cutting an organism in parts will result in
each part regenerating a whole organism .
. assuming the existence of morphic resonance,
we can understand the controversial idea known as
inheritance of acquired characteristics,
an example of which is the 4-winged fly mutation:
if you expose the fly eggs to ether
then a few of them develop 4 wings;
and the longer the ether is applied
the greater the percentage of conversions,
until finally, even when ether is no longer applied
there are some 4-winged flies being created .
[ this seems to be related to epigenetics
more so than morphic fields; however, ]
where morphic resonance did come in
was when the same scientist worked on
separate lines of flies;
the 2nd time they did the experiment
there was an increase in the increase of mutations,
suggesting it was the first experiment
that primed the 2nd experiment
to more readily respond to ether with a wing mutation .
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