#PC as the #communists vs the #fascists

8.10: news.pol/PC as the communists vs the fascists:
. traditional versions of Christians
believe that God Himself wrote the very Bible
that outlaws many sexual behaviors
which means you cannot be both Biblical and
tolerant of non-procreative sexual orientations .
. the Christians traditionally tried to
dominate every community around the globe,
replacing all the local perversities;
so, the natural reaction of the PC
has been to globalize sexual tolerance .

protecting Christian culture:
. one way to protect all cultures,
including the Christians and the racists,
is to have entire towns dedicated to
one particular culture and language .
. just like private homes can be discriminatory,
private groups who can afford to buy an entire town
can dedicate that town to their own culture,
their own language, or even their own race .

a vid about Political Correctness:
. the communists theorized they would win by
democracy since the labor class was the majority;
but when communism failed to spread,
they blamed it on religious racist culture
and were determined to undermine religious influence,
teaching what the Marxists called Critical Theory;
today the heart of PC in academia
are the gay and minorities studies programs
[dealing with the sociology and history of
diversity intolerance or racial supremacism].
. in the usa, the Studies in Prejudice
culminated in the influential 1950's book
"the authoritarian personality"
which claimed that [white christian] americans
possessed many fascist traits, and that
anyone who supported traditional american culture
was psychologically unbalanced ...
now seen as being in need of "sensitivity training".
. to this day, the issue is often framed as
the politically correct vs the fascists .
. Herbert Marcuse`eros and civilization
supported polyamorphous perversity
"liberating non-procreative eros"
[lifting many Biblical sexual restrictions].
. it was this same author who argued that
our free american society was actually a deception,
that its true tolerance is somehow repressive:
 his essay on repressive tolerance
pointed out that our tolerance of intolerance
produced no action at all;
hence we needed to establish what was PC,
and be intolerant to those who weren't PC,
reframing their "free speech" as "hate speech"
affecting mostly the ideas from the Right .