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7.22: relig/Russian (what Cayce esteemed)
8.13: summary: 
. Edgar Cayce was "the sleeping prophet";
he could hypnotize himself, and answer questions
which his waking self knew nothing about .
Edgar Cayce 1932.2 READING 3976-10:
What should be the attitude of so-called
capitalist nations toward [Stalin's] Russia?
On Russia's religious development
will come the greater hope of the world.
Then that one, or group, that is
the closer in its relationships,
may fare the better in the gradual changes
and final settlement of conditions
as to the rule of the world.
. the Religion Cayce saw coming to Russia
must have been the same one that Cayce
had himself been drawn to in 1932;
and, like the mystics of India,
Cayce's religion included Hindu reincarnation,
but was otherwise traditional Christianity .

what is Russia's "religious development"?:
. as WWIII has crept along since the fall of the USSR,
Russia has increasingly supported Orthodox Christianity;
but, in a reading of Russia's book "the last gambit"
a "mystical-philosophical political detective story";
they portray the highest-ranking Russian officials
as being very conversant with India's mystics .

powerpointparadise.com`Russian religion:
. Russia is currently encouraging all of the
[traditional religions:] Buddhists, Jews, Muslims,
and of course the powerful Orthodox Church.
--[ see comparison to other Churches .]
whereas the so-called "sects and cults"
(eg, Missionaries of the Gospel, Evangelical Christians)
are now virtually made illegal in Russia .
Russia's traditional Mysticism however
is increasingly infiltrated by Hindu Mysticism:
The "New Age" spiritual movement, very strong in the West,
is now also on the rise in Russia!
Is all this paving the way for the Antichrist,
and his "False Prophet" to eventually establish
a worldwide Universal New Age Church?
. a growing number of protestants, i.e. evangelicals,
are converting to the Eastern Orthodox Church [ci].

7.25: the crux of Cayce's Russian religion:
. it's not that reincarnation is a reality,
but what is put as evidence of such
is indeed evidence of something else,
something simpler that satisfies Occam's razor .
. what we really have is a shared mind,
and a god that determines how much sharing can happen:
among the individual conscious minds
who can be given what knowledge from the shared mind?
how do we explain this gift?
one day the god makes up a story about reincarnation,
the next day the god is calling someone a prophet;
it's all just a parade of the god's toys .
. what is interesting about Cayce's Russia
is that there is respect for that class of evidence
that is not derivable from the sciences
because it is the study of a mind (a free will)
rather than a set of simple, constant rules .

intro to Cayce's religion:

Gina Cerminara 1946: (Astrology Guide`
. In 1923 a man by the name of Arthur Lammers
had asked him for a horoscope analysis.
Cayce gave a brief horoscope,
but said that astrology was a much misunderstood field,
because it didn't take into account reincarnation. 
. in 1924, Cayce gave his own "life reading"
in which he would undergo self-hypnosis
and get an assistant to ask him about
his own horoscope and reincarnation lineage [aaw].

Cayce's 1928 letter to A. H. Lammers: 
Possibly one of the most interesting phases of the phenomena
is the Life Reading, and I suppose we owe the
development of this phase of the work
to your suggestion - when you first suggested that we
attempt a horoscope reading. 
Thomas Sugrue 1947: (Astrological Review`
One day in 1923, a Mr. Arthur Lammers called on Cayce;
He asked Mr. Cayce about the sub-conscious mind
and where the power came from
[to get information from self-hypnosis .]
The answer was that this was given years ago
but he did not know what it meant
- that the sub-conscious mind of Mr. Cayce,
while in the unconscious state, becomes active
and from that sub-conscious mind
one could take whatever information he desired.
Mr. Lammers talked with Cayce about
Hindu philosophy, Yoga, and Christian Science ...
. Mr. Lammers asked Cayce to give him a horoscope;
Mr. Cayce said he did not know anything about it.
Lammers tried to explain that at least at one time
Astrology had a better reputation.
However, while [Cayce was self-hypnotized]
and asked to give a horoscope,
the reading [the voice coming from a hypnotized Cayce]
startled Lammers by saying that
in order to make it understandable
he would also make known his
other experiences or lives on this earth plane
which were practically involved in his horoscope.
He gave the influence of the planets,
- not as set up for the chart, but the chief influences -
and told what the man had been
in a few of his previous lives.
When Mr. Cayce wakened he was told
he had given a horoscope
and had also spoken of reincarnation.
. Mr. Cayce was faced with the decision that day,
not only of continuing to believe in his ability to help people
by diagnosing their physical ailments,
but of facing the realization which, for him,
was a step into a higher and unknown sphere of thinking
-- that astrology and reincarnation
are facts of the great Reality of Life.
So he had two things to consider:
(a) that astrology is a fact, and (b) reincarnation is a fact.
He had here to accept that he had been living
only a portion of Reality, of spiritual life,
even though he had studied the Bible assiduously
since the age of twelve.
He was really at the point then
when he felt he should lay it all aside,
but after talking to Mr. Lammers
he began to get hold of the idea that
this, at least, offered him an explanation of
why he had this power and why he used it.
. It was the insistence in the Life Readings
that Astrology and Reincarnation
are integral portions of man's own reality
which brought Mr. Cayce's life to a fullness and meaning.
But within the family there was a question.
The easy going father had been transformed in their eyes
comparable to
a mysterious gentleman from the East
with a turban on his head.
about reincarnation and astrology:
What we had to face was that,
in this graduated sphere of reality,
no truth is ever completely revealed
and all truth is like the moon
which at times shows itself full face,
and at others is hidden in shadow,
and sometimes for a brief period is entirely eclipsed.
We had to face this with astrology
more than with reincarnation
which had been pretty well blocked off
at the beginning of Christianity,
whereas astrology had continued for a long time,
until the age of science.
Scientists [or trans-science rational philosophers]
are not so much against us[parapsychologists] now,
and I am sure that in another ten or fifteen years
science will be completely switched over.
But when I met Mr. Cayce and first talked with him,
the western world was at its peak of materialism
and the eclipse of such things as
Astrology and Reincarnation
was pretty complete among the keepers of our prejudices
-- among the priests of our modern religion --
the archbishops of the laboratory and the textbook.
So I had to examine Mr. Cayce as a symbol of our times.
I see how Mr. Cayce's life coincided with materialism.
He gave his first Reading about the time of
Queen Victoria's death.
Then Astrology and Reincarnation were revealed to him
after the first World War,
and [it] coincides with the period between great World Wars,
as predicted in in[the] Pyramid.
The full revelation by way of biography occurred at
the turning point of the second World War
-- ... December, 1942. [Battle of Stalingrad]
In one of his lives he was left for dead
after battle on the Persian desert.
He lived for three days. No water, and no help.
He could not move and suffered agonizing pain.
For the period of three days he labored with his mind
and lifted himself above physical pain.
He died on the 3rd of January, 1945.
he had a slight stroke, and then a second stroke.
That was the end of his career.
He gave upwards of 14,000 Readings
which have just been taken out to be studied
by the Association for Research & Enlightenment,
which now becomes a branch of that new science
which we call para-psychology,
or the study of Extra Sensory Perception.
This is a baby which is growing, but it is still young.
It is again a matter of reincarnation.
Old sciences reborn into one, to live once as astronomer,
clairvoyant, palmist, seer
-- once he was called Nostradamus,
once as Sibyl and once as Isaiah.
He is now called Extra Sensory Perception. 

Cayce vs traditionals or fundamentalists:

Christianity vs Reincarnation and Karma:
. why do bad things happen to good people?
according to the Law of Karma,
the reason for being a victim in this life
is that you were a criminal in your previous life
(reincarnation means that instead of dying
you live on reborn into another life).
. from what could be gathered from the Bible,
Christians have theorized that
Justice happens via a resurrection:
at the end of the world we are judged by the god;
and, the worst criminals are put to death;
hence, traditional Christianity is incompatible with
the law of Karma and Reincarnation:
there is no chance to pay for sins;
either they are forgiven or they are not .

CI`christianity vs reincarnation:
. The early church was simply apathetic to the idea
of reincarnation; but, eventually it was seen as
inconsistent with the doctrine of Resurrection .
. in John 9:1-3, Jesus says of a born-blind man:
"It was neither that this man sinned, nor his parents;
but it was in order that the works of God
might be displayed in him."
[ ah, but in cases where a born-blind man
was not healed by a miracle or technology,
then the god who protects the good
was ignoring the sinner?
... or was Jesus denying cosmic justice
and thereby also denying the law of Karma? .]
. some say Jesus could in fact promote
2 branches of teaching, one for the public,
and another for the elites; so, they claim,
you would never learn from the scriptures
what Jesus himself believed:
"As for [Jesus] teachings,
even the Gospels make it clear that he
distinguished sharply between
his exoteric preaching to the masses
and his inner teaching to his chosen disciples."
[Farrar` A Witches Bible Compleat].
CI`Cayce as part of globalized liberalism:
. the coming one-world order
under the direction of the internationalists
is one that will bring significant change
to the United States as we know it.
The globalists are making fundamental shifts
in the way we view the family and the Christian church.
They are altering our societal systems
-- political, economic, and education --
for a new age of reason, with a "cosmic humanism" religion
that will bring all faiths together
into one central belief system.
It will be tolerant of all faiths
with the exception of those that absolutize.
All the religions of the world will be able to
sign off on its basic tenets;
however, there can be no such absorption by
the [fundamentalist] versions of [semitic religions:]
Christianity, Judaism, and Islam .
. the traditional family poses a threat to globalism:
First, it is still the primary socializing unit:
Parents indoctrinate their children with
social, cultural, and spiritual values .
Second, parental authority in a traditional family
clearly supersedes international authority.
. Christian family represents
even more of a threat to the globalist agenda.
Goals such as tolerance for a one-world religion
are not acceptable to the [fundamentalist].
The Christian's belief in the authority of the Bible
is especially a concern for the internationalist.
Christians who believe in God, in sin,
in salvation through faith in Jesus Christ alone,
stand in the way of the globalist plan
for a one-world religion,
whereas liberal Christianity does not pose such a threat.
. Globalists see the [fundamentalists] as
narrow, exclusive, and intolerant.
[eg, John 14:6 when Jesus said,
"I am the true and living way:
no one comes to the Father but by me"
the fundamentalist would say this means
the only people that go to heaven
are those that accept Jesus as their savior;
whereas, a liberal interpretation would see:
"regardless of what you believe about Jesus,
his teachings are based on the Golden Rule
(and some other sustainable Truth)
and are thus a society's path to eternal life."]