democracy stopped the first stone

7.26: co.apt/relig/jesus.christ/not-sinned throw the first stone:
. a radio preacher was telling us about
JC saving the whore from being stoned:
was this to mean "(don't judge lest you be judged?),
no, the preacher scoffed,
it simply meant to not be a hog about judging !
. I don't think this preacher has it all together .
. JC spent a lot of time telling his own that
their laws were not fair .
. he was saying that untouchables were being blamed as sinnners,
when they should be understood as victims .
. why would a woman typically choose to be a whore?
these days she might need an underworld job
to support an underworld habit;
but back then,
she was likely not being respected by men
and her sex was the only thing she had
to earn a living .
. there wasn't anything convincing about
needing to be sinless in order to throw the first stone;
it's likely that anything confrontative JC said
could have reminded the crowd
that he had a powerful influence with other crowds,
and he might remember the first stone thrower .