blue pill shifts costs onto pro-lifers

7.22: rn.pol/health care/pres` townhall meet
. they asked him about having health choices removed
like end-of-life decisions,
and the only thing that came close to addressing that one
was a ref' to:
"( having a choice between {blue, red} pills,
of course you take the one that's cheaper;
and, that reminded me of the matrix.movie;
so then analogizing the politics to the matrix story,
I thought of how the pro-lifers
are living in this collective dream
like those guys on ventilators did in the matrix
with their rallying around the myth about
saving souls, and not sparing one drop of experience,
no matter what the cost
-- most of our current healthcare is spent on
the last year of life (on the intensive care unit's ventilator) .

. Obama may have referred to the matrix
as a way to conjure up the vision of
people being on ventilators .
. he may have chosen the color blue not only because
that is the democrat's color,
but also because the artificiality of the matrix
is often cited as modeling socialism
and Obama is readily admitting the plan is socialism
-- adding that when socialism is the cheaper cure,
that's the policy you swallow .

. why should a gov'plan with science-based triage
worry the pro-lifers
when they still have other providers to choose from?
. if the gov is saving money by terminating
intensive care use by elders,
then it could save vastly more than pro-life private insurers
and they would have to do the same to stay competitive .

web: which pill was which,
and do other people see this connection?

blue -> matrix (socialism) (democrat)
red -> reality (individualism) (republican)

Well, I think it's a great question,
and I think the important thing is to underscore
that there is consensus that we spend too much on
care that does not improve people's health.
And if we start with that,
then that means we've got to make some changes.
What I've proposed is that we have a panel of medical experts
that are making determinations about
what protocols are appropriate for what diseases.
There's going to be some disagreement,
but if there's broad agreement that, in this situation
the blue pill works better than the red pill,
and it turns out the blue pills are half as expensive as the red pill,
then we want to make sure that doctors and patients
have that information available to them.

. In The Matrix, the character Trinity
helped search for The One, named Neo, who would stop The Matrix.
Conservatives seek leadership.
We understand that the Matrix is an illusion. And it must be stopped.
The fact that the colors red and blue
are also used to represent the Democrat and Republican parties
seems amazingly appropriate, under our current circumstances.
) .

'Red Pills' is a metaphor for the opening of ones mind
to truth and knowledge as in the movie, 'The Matrix'.
Optimally, each post and your related comments
encapsulate the truth and increase our knowledge
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