clique pique

7.28: relig/revelation`mark of the beast/clique pique:
. in revelation there is a demon that takes over
such that no one can trade (or be socially accepted)
without the mark of (loyalty to) the beast .
. this might be related to what the main message
of Christ was:
. the Jewish culture was mistreating its own members
with a sort of lottery by beauty club,
where the animal spirit [the beast]
would decide what was beautiful, [or not distracting]
and everything else was treated as untouchable
resulting in lost freedoms and opportunities .
. the truly crippled were said to have been
cursed by G*D himself for the sins of self or family;
and, the mentally ill [or disowned] would have to
feign being crippled to succeed at begging .
. not associating with the untouchables was important
to avoid becoming an untouchable yourself .
JC was born out of wedlock, and was incensed by
the glass ceiling he was quietly subjected to
-- not for anything he did, by for the statutory rape
perpetrated upon his mother --
. by the age at which it was obvious that he was
a quiet outcast -- unable to attract a wife by age 25 --
it was then that he found himself gifted at
pointing out that much of what they called god's
calling to stay sanctified -- separated from the unclean --
was nothing more than demons sneaking in some inhumanity .
. should we not judge ourselves openly?
how do we take this job from superstition
and give it to the state?
. one way would be a mark (like a license card)
that one could have only when judged a good citizen .
. today, in fact, credit cards are like the mark:
they objectively communicate your trustworthiness,
and in many situations,
there is not much you can buy, rent, or borrow,
without that credit card .
. your credit rating even determines your employability .
. after reviewing bible#isv/revelation
I'm reminded that being marked was not the problem;
rather, it was about which mark you carried:
that of G*D or the *evil (616) .