prodigal parenting

9.10: relig/prodigal parenting:
. origin of "(prodigal):
Latin`prodigus: lavish .
Latin`prodigiosus; prodigium: portent (see prodigy ).
Latin`portentum: omen, token; portendere.verb (see portend ).
Latin`portendere; pro-: forth + tendere: stretch.

. the industrial parents both worked in a factory;
they wanted to earn all the things that factories can provide!
. what pay is there in parenting?
we want our pay now!
. thus, the industrials would let their children run wild,
having them watched by the ambitionless,
rather than engaged by the tutors .

. then when it came time for the children to watch the elders;
many of them just didn't get it .
. the prodigal parents came begging to society:
will you build more prisons for my feral children ?
. more institutions for my elders ?
. oh Lord, Jesus Christ,
nothing is more precious than these children .

. as part of the huge pork bar-b-q
to welcome back the industrial family,
they had a team of psychologists look into
what happened to the children:

. it wasn't just that they didn't want to work;
without a history of sociability and performance,
no one trusted them to work .
. those few who would hire them were wolves,
. we don't have the money to do this job safely,
thank goodness, the industrials are expendable .
. every day our technologies are replacing more jobs,
and yet they keep having more ferals .
. there are so many of the poor, untrusted ones;
all we need is a few friends to work with .

. if only there were too few workers
the working conditions would certainly improve then:
it would be a worker's market then .
) .
. [12.21: ever since ? wars have always propped up economic systems:
[/][even with] industrial times,]
they used wars to prop up their economy:
. there's just no work for the industrials;
but we do have a war [12.21: to win;
for the ferals are desperate,
and it's a good time to fight ... in mYour backyard .]
) .

8.8: co.apt/pol/jobs lost:
. imagine this is a thousand years ago;
you see we are such nothing,
struggling with service jobs, not sure of our fate .
. our forefathers' knowledge lost to
a trust that the industrials will employ us .

8.13: rn.pol/walmart revolution unsustainable:
. Walmart's revolution is considered unsustainable
because it relies too much on lowering wages
while many things needed by those earners
can't be sold by low cost walmart;
so their employees get cheated for the good of the others .
. their main money-saving was not stopping shoplifters,
but rather transforming the distribution system
by which goods are taken from various producers
and given to particular consumer outlets .
. many jobbers and other middlemen were eliminated .

8.19: co.apt/pol/what they mean by family values:
. look how the wars stopped chewing on the extra population;
now they check over-pop' by making laws about no car-camping, etc,
there's no place safe to go unless you have a submarine .
. if you don't have a sure job or a family to bunk with,
you're in big trouble .

10.9: pol/reasons for incarceration in usa and russia?:
. what russia and usa have in common in order to be
by far the largest incarcerators
is having a system that disrupts
local communities as law enforcers
by obviating the need for local support
either by having support doled out by the welfare state
or by the promise of new jobs around the corner .

co.apt/pol/platitudes for a delusional constituency:
. obama is sneered at for giving white-lie platitudes?
he has to give platitudes,
because his main constituency (the poor)
doesn't want to hear about being reasonable
(and letting the rich have the kids) .
. in fact, the poor -- to which is speaking mostly to --
have actually taken the nuclear option,
deciding to deliberately use over-population
to build their democratic power by brute numbers
(even if it means crying for virtual communism or abusing their kids) .

10.23: co.apt/pol/pop-controller should be saved wealth:
. co.pol/rn"neil.bortz
has berated an uneducated construction worker
for having 4 kids when money good
but job can't last in hard times?
. in fact, you shouldn't depend on education either!
. women should trust neither income nor edu'
but in savings:
find the older man who's done being a shark
with time to father ...
[12.29: at least if communal parenting is not an option .]

10.28: co.apt/pol/the good points among the economic classes:
. where I agree with the wealthy class
is that you can't have a welfare state
without also mandating a democratic control of reproduction
to put some limit on
how many people we need to find jobs or lunches for .
. however,
one pro-labor move I'd insist on
is keeping the wealthy from taking our jobs
-- and what liars:
Bush was regurgatating their blue pill:
"( greencarders take only those jobs
that americans don't want )
. actually the employers don't advertize those jobs
because they are already hooked up with greencarders
who cost them much less to employ by not being citizens
so that they pay no {unempl, ss, medicare } taxes
as they would for employing citizens .

11.7: pol/real economic growth:
. so much of a "(healthy growing economy) is just such fluff;
making so much junk is what causes
such shifts in buying patterns
as to cause upwards of 25% unemployment .
. if depending on capitalism
then market corrections are inevitably going to create
the same feast-famine cycles
we take as so much bible-old .
. what family values really need to be
is home class values:
. just as a successful business has a mix of products
for selling in both boom and bust,
home communes are based on farms
with back to farm for bad times .
. instead of owning your home,
you do have stock in a farm,
and if there are no vacancies in farmable communes,
you call that situation an overpopulation problem .

11.18: co.net/twitter/pol/UN Climate Petition:
#pol Sign the UN Climate Petition |
real hope is population reduction

11.21: pol/making smooth transition to the age of automation:
. use gov funds to buy stock in labor saving tech
so even as jobs are being reduced,
incomes are being increased
and acting a 2nd source of income to fall back on
for those who lose jobs to robots .
. then, use taxes and bonuses of this money to reduce population;
ie, everyone gets a check for being a stock owner,
but people with more kids get a smaller check .

11.26: co.apt/pol/communes for traffic reduction:
. if we lived in communes like the tv.show" the walton's
-- seems unamerican doesn't it? --
then we could have groups conserve on driving
by specialize a few members as shared drivers
to reduce the need to give licenses to people on meds .
[and reduce traffic generally ] .

11.26: co.self/pol/overpopulation inflates rents:
. caring for the disabled and other unemployed's
would not be so costly if family values were stronger
such that it was taboo not to invite unemployed relative to share housing .
. we could then reduce pay-outs
to just a person's grocery needs (food stamps) .
. the $800 size typical of today's rents
is not due to the actual costs of maintaining the property
but a sheer function of market demand:
. capitalists are getting what they can from the market
asking not what it costs for me to be mgt,
but how much more can I get from the market after evicting you .
. that's why the soviet's major act was evicting landowners;
most were using their property to charge rent
for housing the state's people [and their productions]
[. likely a few rich owned all the land,
not like the american dream where the realty lots are so tiny
that one owner is mgt for one rental unit .]

12.30: pol/prodigal walmart:
. walmart is sustainable if they
let employees do dry docking in their parking lot
(as they are often graciously allowing rv'ing customers) .
. free rent like that
is removing half the inflation gouge in usa .
. walmart may still have a problem with forced overtime,
and they could have a problem with local authorities:
our idea of a living wage (if not a family wage)
does not include letting people camp in public! .