the only miracle was tele.conspiracy

relig/jesus.christ/the only miracle was tele.conspiracy:
. the leadership of j.c's day said that
being crippled was due to god cursing them
for the sins of their past or their family;
this was actually true in the sense that
sins such as breaking social taboos
were met with a massive tele.whispering campaign
which left the sinful unable to work with others, jobless,
and wondering how they could get more money as beggars .
. the leadership officialized this social rejection by mandating:
"(no distractions in the temple) .
it wasn't the evil leadership that was being unfair with the crippled;
rather it was a reflection of what people considered to be a distraction .
. jesus found himself rejected for being conceived out of wedlock,
and this personal experience made him very sensitive to the
unfairness of social taboo reactions;
we are told his only friends were other social rejects .
. the Spirit of Fairness fought back with its own tele.whispering campaign:
. jc's powers came from tele.conspiracy,
where the only one's who were called by the Spirit to be cured
were those afflicted either with mental illness,
or with having to fake a physical illness in order to
cover for being mentally ill or socially rejected .