music to study by

7.16: todo:
. find background music that increases concentration .

7.18: web.addn/background music increases concentration:

. I can't believe people are generally entranced by classical music;
after much searching I found the best genre was
-- what else -- trance!
. in fact, there was proof that classical was not helpful: ]

[12.16: electronica was the first genre among free tunes I found
that was both feel-good and not distracting with lyrics:]
. add tunes (garageband is a common studio),
listen to ilikes by genre .

spendy ideas:

7.21: mis.addn/mac.firefox/report crash:
. when I was using an mp3 player at garageband.com
it wouldn't load the entire thing;
I kept trying this, and then it crashed .
. other times it would not load the song details,
but then the next button press it would .

7.21: proj.addn/dev.audio/stream juicing:
. I'm in love with just some parts of colide`razor sharp;
now how to get just the juice?
. set soundflower to pipe garageband.com into audacity;
cut out the parts leading up to or interrupting the juice .
. make mp3, find how to repeat it in itunes:
open with itunes,
file/new playlist,
drag icon to playlist,
open playlist,
controls/repeat/{one, all};
play song .

7.21: feel guilty? buy the cd! Chasing The Ghost
Shipping: $2.97, Total: $17.96

7.27: proj.addn/dev.audio/audacity with cd:
. ask audacity to open an aiff into a new project .
. audacity brought it in just as if I'd recorded it via soundflower;
the play button started it up;
but when I asked for a bunch of zoom-in's,
it was playing 1sec of left channel, then 3sec's of silence,
then again for the right channel, repeatedly;
all while displaying the unresponsive button,
for 3min's;
then it was continuous but scrambled .
. sounded like it was abusing the cd player drive?
kill anything using that, and eject .
. when I opened the audacity project again,
playing it resulted in no movement from the volume bars, and no sound;
but the data appeared to be there .
. tried opening it, said it was doing the same import,
and then again no sound after pulling the cd out .
. this time (after doing what?) it says I can export to {mp3, ogg, etc},
so try ogg: blank .
. try opening and keeping the cd while trying to ask for edits?
. if you select what it just imported, then the play.button plays,
and the record.button goes through the motions but does nothing .
. select entire tract and export as ogg;
it's doing this .
. ogg is like jpeg, having a quality 0-level (lowest) is 2.1mb,
10-level (highest) is 14.1 mb
while the m4a that itunes made is 9.2mb .
. after saving a selection like that,
then when saving the project, it did save with a lot of data .
and, it's making sound without the cd!
-- this is where I wanted to be, with audacity making a lossless copy .

8.26: sci.addn/net.pandora.com/re-try:
. garagband.com down? try pandora... new age ambient,

mis.addn/net.pandora.com/find its browser window to continue music:
. pandora down? need to find the window asking if you're still there .

. boo a song? doing that makes the station your own;
prev' owner's changes will stop being applied .

sci.addn/net.garageband.com/get different for better service:
. pandora boring? garageband has been witholding access to my fav'lists;
but, what about asking for something diff'nt?
see garageband`group-specific: Zygadenus Elegans` Everything
.... ok .

9.2: news.addn/net/free tunes:
. I used to use Pandora a lot but it isn't available in Canada anymore
so now I use Blip.fm
. if they want a similar service that will work in any country
Oh, and more free music with an eclectic bent:
for those in the UK:
or Spotify -- need to download a programme

9.2: pos.addn/net.pandora.com:
. changed [ambient].channel to [study flow];
changed [new age ambient].channel to ambient.channel .
. started out on psy trance moving what I like to [study flow],
but there's so much of what I like,
I just move what I do like but is breaking flow to:
has words? electronica,
no words? ambient;
but then for [psy trance]:
. when it has words, all the words were spoken;
words (not singing)? ambient .

9.6: addn/net.pandora.com`psy trance for study:
. most people using music to enhance learning
would use certain classical music to study by;
I found that rather surprising
because after exploring the suggested classics
they seemed to be very expressive, as if telling a story;
and, this may help IQ by stimulating the mind;
but, I think it only works as a pre-treatment:
as a concurrent activity the classics were always hogging my attention .
. many of them were also curiously aggravating,
perhaps familiarity breeds contempt?
but then it reminded me of being surprised on the bus
when some would become vocally angry
at others talking around them in a foreign language .

9.10: news.addn/net.pandora/has a monthly limit,

9.13: aq.addn/net.pandora.com/You Are Approaching your Free Listening Limit:

date Tue, Sep 8, 2009 at 5:29 PM
You Are Approaching Your Free Listening Limit

We wanted to let you know that you are approaching your monthly free listening limit. Pandora gives you 40 hours of free listening per month.
Why is free monthly listening limited?

If you'd like to listen more, you have three options. We hope that one of these works for you:
1. Pay 99 cents. Once you reach Pandora's free monthly listening limit,
the music will stop and you will be presented with an option to pay just 99 cents
to continue unlimited listening for the rest of September.
This is a one-time fee which requires a credit card,
and it does not recur automatically.
2. Pay $36 to upgrade to Pandora One.
For unlimited monthly listening as well as other cool features,
you can upgrade to Pandora One for $36 per year.
Learn more about Pandora One
3. Pay Nothing. If neither of the above options is right for you,
simply come back in October to start listening to your stations again.
The Pandora Team

. it's a one time fee means it's not recurring,
you have to pay again every month .
1) Pay 99 cents for the rest of the month. In the message window that has appeared, you can pay 99 cents to receive unlimited listening hours for the remainder of that month. You can only pay the 99 cents when you actually hit the limit and the music has stopped. Anything you see until then is just a friendly warning that you're approaching the limit.
The 99 cents is a one-time fee which requires a credit card, and it does not recur automatically. We use the same security measures banking sites use to protect your credit card information.
NOTE: Paying the 99 cents does not remove advertising, or the daily skip limit; it just gives you unlimited listening hours for the remainder of the month.
If you reach the listening limit in a future month, you will have the option to pay 99 cents again with just a few clicks.

my response:

. that is a good deal ...
. another way is to use several vmwares,
or delete cookies .
. it does cost energy to stream music ...