. healthcare-now.org'ers don't know what the obama-congress plan is yet
but it can't be good with private insur's still at the table .
. if you're a doctor then you're still dealing with a bureacratic jungle
as patient care depends on the system ...
my response:
. actually doctors do have the power to simplify their paperwork:
they have to accept all fed-insured's (very simple)
and then as much as they want to complicate their life,
they can accept various other private-insured's .
. private insur's can keep the american way by niche marketing;
eg, their line is:
. your fed insurance is all about prevention,
but our doctors won't pressure you to make healthy lifestyle changes;
they get paid for the work they do, not the work they prevent .
. if you can afford our royal premiums, you get royal treatment .
) .