president's summary of health insurance reform

news.pol/health care reform/pres' summary:
. the primary concern is that costs be controlled,
and that people get the coverage they paid for .
. right now these insur'co's spend there time looking for ways to
not discontinue coverage for those that have already paid their premiums .
. the gov-run alternative is not tax subsidized:
it will be competitive with other insur'co's by demanding premiums .
. if you can find a lower premium you can trust from elsewhere, buy it .
my commentary:
. and this is great for controlling costs;
because, if we can get everyone paying premiums for some coverage,
then we can get money to pay for all those free-loaders
that pay no insur' and then demand charity and the emergency room .
. this is what is making the cost of healthcare skyrocket for the rest of us .
. all those conservatives who want the gov out of this,
what sytem are they conserving anyway?
the system we have now is without accountability,
the majority is demanding that emergency rooms do this charity work,
but then they have no plan for how to pay for it!
. the purpose of the fed is to defend us from predators,
and this sea of free loaders on emergency room service
is a vicious parasite .