every game needs regulation

7.5: pol/finance reform/book out of china:
. some euro banker for china is saying
the finance field needs morals ?
. if you want to give a no-equity guy a home loan,
you need to guarantee his job, not his loan!
you really need a communism .
. for bankers,
people cared about their product because
a lethal bulk of our nations jobs depend on short-cycling loans .
. I can see why banks should stay privatized,
but why aren't they writing books crying for regulation? .
. no regulation is like a sport with no doping rules:
how much dope can you take before your liver gets wacked? yo:
how much margin can you spare and still win that lottery ?? .

10.20: co.apt/pol/financial deregulators deserve being leached:
responding to radio news:
. the banks high salaries show they are not humbled by handouts?
we were the greedy ones
being the deregulators who turned their market into a shark tank:
pulling out real regs with teeth .
. how to compete with high-risk loaners
other than to find higher risks
and off-load wherever laws allowed?!

co.apt/pol/moron deregulation/rap:
. the news about being warned about opaque derivatives
was reminding me of 9/11:
talking big bucks to take big risks
(we'd lose big with airlines jacking up security),
and the rich
who put congress through election campaigns
get all their income from stocks
which were going through the roof fueled by the
big bets on those derivatives .
. notice obama got in after congress took
the big money gamble
of telling the big voting block seniors
that they couldn't buy from canada
due to safety issues
when they were obviously funded by
those living off owning big pharma stocks .