communism green and democratic

. we should do with jobs
what they plan for health care:
you can have private ownership of business,
but there should be some full job insurance
a sort of communism where taxes are used for
buying stable businesses,
esp'ly job-heavy businesses or automation for creating essentials,
so that everyone can say they own
part of the american money machine .
. when population gets high, then product gets thin,
and so one of the essentials of a gov'
is determining how much a given place can produce,
and not allowing a place's population to exceed its limit .
. democracy can decide who can be parents;
and, parenting-coops share the caring of children
both to share in the joys of raising children,
and ensure against the neglect and abuse
found in private parenting .
. our pay-differentials could be based primarily on
cooperating with democratic parent selection .
. payments from gov to a coop could depend on
how well their pop'control program is going .
. there may also be more pay for
those places accepting immigrants
-- esp'ly when accepting the overflow of
children and their primaries,
from places where democracy dictates a popularity of gene pool
that can't fit within its origin .

7.7: rn.pol/child care/getting into inlaws:
. a radio show about being virtually -- and unexpectedly --
married to inlaws, appeared at first to be proof that
extended families don't work;
in fact,
this was merely proof that 2-parent families don't work:
keep chanting this:
. I'm not your child, I'm the future's adult,
and I deserve the very best parenting science can find .
) .
. with that in mind then,
the way to communalize parenting
is to find whatever folks you can live with,
and share your children with them .
. if you can't get along with any group,
there should be no way you are caring for kids alone .

7.19: free-repro's give wealthy class a bad name
. the rich [as framed by communist dogma]
are really the product of our ignoring
regulation of reproduction:
"(rich) is really code for the attitude of being
free of controls over reproduction (free-repro's);
the attitude of:
. go ahead and reproduce all you want,
think you're chosen because people pity your children?
you're chosen when you command the money to
command even more money:
the free-repro's sent the middle class migrating to america,
the free-repro's merges the small biz's into large biz's
and the free-repro's wonder why even in free america,
the free-repro's are losing their jobs
and being sent to war against that
other free-repro's flavor: communism .

8.22: co.relig/crying about workaholics? why all be family raiser?:
. workaholics are not a problem;
what is a problem is glossing over the fact that
not everybody is going to be a perfect parent !
. communal parenting insures that children aren't stuck
home alone with workaholics .

8.4: fam/pol/society better off parent cooping:

. [someone] recalls the israeli communes were eventually failures,
and parental cooping may be impossible?
well atleast there should be robotic monitoring
(artificial intelligence manning the children's security cameras)
. my main point is that I'm not saying neglect is the parents fault
-- when parents fail and burn their own kids on a regular basis
(hundreds of thousands every year),
then it's time for society to stop being insane,
and realize they are burning us
-- we were all kids at one time .

9.24: rel/communal parenting
. the very fact that only a few parents are incompetent
lulls us into the belief that
"(practically) all parents are competent .
. every year, we uncover thousands of child abuse cases;
and, if our society would admit that this is simply not acceptable,
then they would see the only practically safe parenting
is when we communalize it,
-- eg, by mandating membership in a parenting coop --
to cover for those over-worked parents,
and to also allow parents to watch each other parenting
-- not because we don't trust ourselves --
but because we admit there's no way to tell
who we can't trust .

. I'm all for robots taking all our grunt work,
and for women taking all the mgt jobs:
it's not women's place to stay at home;
but neither is it children's place
to be entrusted to a single- or double-parent homesite .

9.29: relig/christian/communal parenting:
. the new testament noted that
the poor cannot commune with the rich,
which I had sneered was their basis for "(family values);
ie, parents owning their children .
. in fact,
it merely means what you see today:
. birds of a feather flock to the same neighborhoods,
and go to the same churches;
it's been one of the strongest forces in pushing suburban sprawl:
providing the ability for the rich
to avoid being near the poor .
. indeed,
there are plenty of people you might church with
and yet not commune with!
. your commune is your family,
the people who are like those you'd prefer to bed with:
this can entail all sorts of discrimination besides wealth:
race, relig, education, moral codes, ... .
. my thoughts on this seem confused to me now .
. assuming that I recall the story correctly,
JC's disciples thought it communalism was right neighborly,
but in the process of presuming to share the same values
they found that the rich and poor were still clashing .
. being rich might have meant be a saver
(the truth will keep us floating in flood and famine)
being poor might have meant being an evangelist
(the truth will multiply
-- even when it's not so fruitful) .