an economic recovery that can save lives

5.2: gear/traffic/4-way speed ripple:
. the most effective traffic light is one that doesn't involve trust:
either there is a rotary that forces slow downs,
or there is a 4way flashing light that not easy to overlook
as 2 people would have to be distracted at the same time .
. a cheaper way is to have a 4-way speed ripple at every intersection,
where the car made noise and vibrated
but without throwing the wheels into the car .
. anyone surprised by this would know they just missed a stop sign .

7.14: pol/econ'recovery can save lives:
. replace all traffic lights with measures that
don't rely on trust of red-light runners:
use radial merge circles,
and 4-way yields that include a speed bump as reminder
of the need to yield ahead .

7.23: rn.pol/health care/kidney failure epidemic:
. there is a major need for kidneys
mostly due to the dramatic rise in diabetes
and high blood pressure [both mostly related to the same
lifestyle choices or entrapments that entail metabolic disorder] .