remote viewing and the Law of Attraction

2.14: news.psy/parapsy/remote viewing and the Law of Attraction:
. this is my first exposure to EightMartinis,
a magazine about a parapsychology method
that gets private information supernaturally
by basically praying to know something .
. those who practice it often also meditate
and that is a key to the Law of Attraction
(the secret to influencing people).
. some people seem possessed after remote viewing
becoming obsessed with discomforting thoughts
suggesting that "dabbling in the supernatural"
may increase risk of psychosis or obsessions .

beware Remote Viewing without a shaman:
Coleen Marenich:
"I was NOT aware the target related to the
murder of a missing teenage girl
that searchers were still looking for.
After I completed my volunteer ‘location’ session,
strange and very scary things
started to happen to me.
Brutal, sadistic dreams I couldn’t awake from.
Pervasive, extremely strong, dark,
evil energy crept into my life,
my thoughts, my dreams, into every waking
and every sleeping moment.
I had no idea that what was happening to me
related to my session
because I had no idea what the target was
other than it was a ‘location’.
. 5 months of living with something evil attached to me,
to my soul, just about sent me to the looney bin.
But I was lucky. A Shaman recognized I was struggling
with something I could not fight.
And he offered his help.
I was finally ‘me’ again, after 5 long months."
[Eight Martinis 2015]
-- a magazine about remote viewing .

Farsight Institute, Atlanta, GA
subject: Farsight News - 14 February 2015
"the new edition of Eight Martinis is now out!"
-- a magazine about remote viewing,
(getting private info by praying for it).

irva.org`CRV vs ERV:
. CRV is a teachable remote viewing (rv)
CRV originally stood for coordinate rv,
(geographic coordinates of the target);
After government rv became public in 1995,
CRV stood for controlled rv .
. a slower (extended) method of rv is
ERV (Extended Remote Viewing):
a viewer needs to reach a hypnagogic state
(staying near sleep but not falling sleep).

books for an intro to remote viewing
suggested by accomplished remote viewers:

Dr.Angela Smith (ordained shamanic practitioner)`
Remote Perceptions: Out-of-Body Experiences,
Remote Viewing, and Other Normal Abilities
(Introduction by Ingo Swann).
-- comment to that book:
" If you really want to understand Remote Viewing,
read Joseph McMoneagle's books.
[ eg, Remote Viewing Secrets: A Handbook
and Mind Trek .]
If you want OBE[out of body] experiences,
read Robert Monroe [eg, Journeys out of the Body]
If you want practical OBE techniques,
read Bob Perterson's book
[eg, Lessons Out of the Body]
If you want to be blown away with the possibilities of
altered state exploration,
read Bruce Moen's books
or Rosalind McKnight's (wow!)."
. start with some parapsychology,
eg, Rene Warcollier`Mind to Mind

Silver Threads: 25 years of Parapsychology Research

Russell Targ`The Reality of ESP:
A Physicist's Proof of Psychic Abilities

Dr.Dean Radin`Entangled Minds:
Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality

Dr.Dean Radin`The Conscious Universe:
The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena

Jon Noble`Natural Remote Viewing

Michael Talbot`Holographic Universe:
The Revolutionary Theory of Reality

Stephan A. Schwartz`Opening to the infinite

Lyne McTaggart`The Field:
The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe

Lyn Buchanan`The Seventh Sense:
The Secrets of Remote Viewing
as Told by a "Psychic Spy" for the U.S. Military

Jim Schnabel`Remote Viewers:
The Secret History of America’s Psychic Spies

Paul H. Smith`Reading the Enemy's Mind:
Inside Star Gate: America's Psychic Espionage Program

Daz Smith`CRV-Controlled Remote Viewing:
Collected manuals & information

Esther & Jerry Hicks`The Law of Attraction:
The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham
-- a comment to this:
" I also like
The Cosmic Ordering Service: A Guide to Realizing Your Dreams,The Reality Creation Technique,
The Key to The Secret: How to Manifest from the Heart.
I needed to read the Abraham material,
and then all three other books
to really understand how to manifest [realize dreams]".
. some who liked the "The Law of Attraction"
also liked Rhonda Byrne`The Secret:
-- comment by Tobin B. Crenshaw (pastor for 10 years):
"The controversy is that Byrne says
the Law of Attraction [LOA] is responsible for
everything, including evil (even genocide) .
Want prayer and the LOA to work?
Then read the book's suggestions about passion
and be sure you spend an hour a day with the practice.
. the ONE thing each [teacher of LOA] has in common
is they meditate/pray for ONE HOUR A DAY.
Byrne emphasizes the importance of
belief mixed with emotion
(excitement over already having what one desires)".
Dr. Courtney Brown:
"I practice the TM Sidhi Program,
which means I meditate daily.
I cannot imagine someone successfully remote viewing
without knowing how to quiet the mind,
and meditation is the best way to do this."
Stephan A. Schwartz:
"... been a daily meditator since 1965, ...
I think that the development of the
daily discipline of meditation,
however it is done, is the most important gift
a person can give them self.
It will quite literally change your health,
raise your I.Q., and make you a better person" .
Dr.Smith & Dr.Jones`Voices From the Cosmos
-- remote viewing aliens by a shaman
(don't go remote viewing without a shaman!).

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