Islamic respect vs free speech

5.4: web.pol/purges/war/Islamic respect vs free speech:
5.6: summary:
. when I first heard of the #texasattack
it seemed every criticism one cares to make
about the Prophet or his god,
can be expressed without images,
yet here were "free speech" defenders
flouting Islam's preferences .
. then I thought of the unique uses of images,
how they can say things very quickly,
and can be a valuable communications tool .
. freedom of expression is a good
and restrictions should not be taken lightely
as long as the assertions are not false;
so, how can we defend both freedom and Islam?
. there will be a global government soon;
so, which culture should that government enforce?
. instead of demanding integration and tolerance
there should be cities dedicated to each culture
so that Islam can get its respect on its turf,
and people can express their graphic opinions
around those who won't become homicidal about it .
. but is cultural segregation safe and humane?
no culture should be allowed to
keep people against their will;
and no culture should be allowed to
whip, amputate, drug or kill their criminals
unless criminals prefer that to expulsion .
. no culture, including Islam,
should expect universal respect:
there should be cities not devoted to Islam
where free speech includes even images
as long as Islamic cities and networks
are protected from viewing such images .


The American Freedom Defense Initiative
offered a $10,000 prize for best portrayal of
Muhammad (Islam's Final Prophet)
at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas.
. this was an attack on Islam's expectation
that no images of the Prophet be made
which some feel is an attack on free speech rights .
. the event was disrupted by a pair of gunmen
who sympathized with Islam .
. the event's keynote speaker was Geert Wilders
Dutch member of parliament and
leader of the far-right Party for Freedom;
saying: "We are here in defiance of Islam
to stand for our rights and freedom of speech";
"we will never allow barbarism, never allow Islam,
to rob us of our freedom of speech" [dailymail.co.uk].

Pamela Geller is author of the book:
Stop the Islamization of America:
A Practical Guide to the Resistance

Geller 2007 (splcenter.org):
. "she joined Stop the Madrassa, a project of
a group of intense anti-Muslim activists
determined to block the opening of a
secular public Arabic-English school,
the Khalil Gibran International Academy,
in Brooklyn, N.Y. The campaign was
intended as an early stand in a
planned nationwide movement to counteract
the efforts of American Muslims to
meld into American society,
according to one of its leaders,
prolific anti-radical Muslim polemicist
Daniel Pipes."

American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI):
. the AFDI is founded by Pamela Geller
and Robert Spencer [of Jihad Watch].
"Our objective is to go on the offensive
when legal, academic, legislative, cultural,
sociological, and political actions
are taken to dismantle our basic freedoms and values.
AFDI acts against the treason being committed by
national, state, and local government officials,
the mainstream media, and others
in their capitulation to the global jihad
and Islamic supremacism, the ever-encroaching
and unconstitutional power of the federal government,
and the rapidly moving attempts to impose
socialism and Marxism upon the American people.
It acts against these evils by:
# Organizing grass root small groups at the local level
to fight specific Islamic supremacist initiatives
in American cities – e.g., the November 2009 Rally
for Rifqa Bary in Columbus, Ohio,
which called attention to the dangers
apostates from Islam live under,
and to the threats to religious freedom
that are advancing in the U.S. right now;
# Sponsoring anti-jihad bus and billboard campaigns
to counter CAIR’s pro-Islamic bus and billboard campaigns;
# Organizing counter protests to
anti-Israel, anti-Zionism demonstrations" .

Kathy "hated by liberals" 02.13:
"Pamela Geller is planning a
'Draw the Prophet' event in Garland, Texas
in the same location as a Muslim group held
a “Stand with the Prophet” conference in January.
The First Annual Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest
will be hosted by the Curtis Caldwell Center,
which is owned and operated by the
Garland Independent School District.
Geller’s event comes on the wake of the
January Islamic terrorist attack
on the French magazine Charlie Hebdo.
. Following the attack, the CAIR
(Council on American-Islamic Relations)
scheduled the 'Stand with the Prophet' conference
at the public school district's conference center.
Geller, the President of AFDI,
scheduled a protest outside the event
that was attended by approximately 2,000 people."

Pamela Geller 2.16:
"It’s time to stand up. That’s why my organization,
the human rights advocacy group AFDI
will be holding a contest for cartoons of Muhammad,
and an exhibit of Muhammad cartoons
this May in Garland, Texas. The keynote speaker
will be Dutch freedom fighter and Parliamentarian
Geert Wilders – one of the very few
politicians on the international scene
who dares to speak the truth about the jihad threat.
The contest will be online,
with entries posted at the AFDI website."

Pamela Geller 4.12 (wnd.com):
"Coming on May 3, my organization,
the American Freedom Defense Initiative,
will hold our Muhammad Art Exhibit and
Cartoon Contest in the Dallas area
to show that we will defend free speech
and not give in to violent intimidation.
We have received more than 350 submissions
of Muhammad cartoons from all over the world,
and now we are throwing open the voting
on the best of these to you.
You and voters worldwide will choose the winner of
the People’s Choice Award.
Choose from among these and vote in the comments section:"
[ shows a list of cartoons ]
"You can vote in the comments here,
at PamelaGeller.com, JihadWatch.org,
and on a special Facebook album
containing the best entries."
[pamelageller @ facebook ].
[all the entries are at photobucket]
"As we gear up for our Exhibit,
the forces of evil are mobilizing en masse.
An Iranian Holocaust cartoon contest
has drawn 839 entries from more than 300 artists,
including entries from France, Turkey and Brazil.
We need to make a similar show of strength
for what is right and righteous."
"After the Charlie Hebdo massacre
– and after the violent Muhammad cartoon riots a few years ago –
there should have been cartoon exhibits
all over the free world, ..."
"The West has to stop this pathetic cowardice
and submission to barbarity.
Islamists have to stop imposing repression
on the non-Muslim and secular Muslim world.
Enough is enough. They’re just cartoons.
Are we going to stand idle while psychopaths
who would commit murder because of them
frighten the free world into giving up
the freedom of speech,
the cornerstone of a free society?"

Geller 5.2 (pamelageller.com):
"These Muslim groups should have
stood for free speech.
If you come to this country,
stand for freedom.
Don’t try to impose your brutal and extreme
ideology on freedom loving peoples.
That’s why we are holding this contest.
May 3rd Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest
in Garland, Texas"
"Geller has been sounding the alarm about
Muslim encroachment into Europe and America,
and its potential impact on American culture.
She has been doing so for quite some time.
In 2010, she organized and successfully led
thousands of protesters (according to her estimate)
in a march on the site of the proposed
'Ground Zero Mosque'. Eventually,
plans for that mosque were cancelled."

Geller 5.3 (pamelageller.com):
"Multiple shootings, possible bomb at
AFDI/Jihad Watch free speech event in Texas"
"This is a war. This is war on free speech.
What are we going to do?
Are we going to surrender to these monsters?
Two men with rifles and backpacks attacked police outside our event".

Robert Spencer 5.4 (jihadwatch.org):
"... I warned about
the Islamic State striking in the U.S.
— just days before what appear to be
a couple of Islamic State jihadis
tried to commit jihad mass murder
at our AFDI/Jihad Watch
Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest
in Garland, Texas."

. the contest entry at jihadwatch.org
is listed as:
Freedom Defense Initiative/Stop Islamization of America
Muhammad Cartoon Standard Admission
the contest's poster