Jesus' cultural changes

2.7: relig/jc/Jesus' cultural changes:
. Jesus was popular with those who were not wealthy
because the priests were saying
only the rich are blessed by the god
because in order to be blessed by their god
you had to be wealthy enough to
offer sacrifices each year .
. Jesus said even the poor can be blessed
by just remembering the spirit of the law:
love god with all your heart
and love neighbors as you would self .

. but what if the point of the law was that
some important members of society
had an obsessive compulsive disorder
(feeling unlucky without rituals)
so if you wanted to make them feel normal
you had to abide by a lot of their obsessive rules?
. Jesus said there was no sin in
not being able to afford offerings
but there could have been communal support:
if together your village had funds to cover each other
then the spirit of sacrifice is to
ensure you have more than you need
so when crops fail you have extras
but one problem with that theory is that
crops fail worse than 10% losses
so, then the point of sacrifice is that
we care for god like a family member
which includes feeding the god expensive meals .
. I think Jesus was fighting eugenics:
the way the priests had things arranged
it was putting a blessing on the wealthy
and putting a curse on the poor
in order to promote wealth in the society .