drug use #childcare

2.15: co.nextdoor.com/Crime & Safety
/health/childcare/drug use in the neighborhood:
"This is not the first time that I have witnessed
students openly smoking dope on the street and sidewalk."
-- JH
. we see from how much society uses drugs
that the ethics of drug use is debatable;
but what is not up for debate
is that childhood is an efficient time to learn
and also an urgent time to learn
(the ignorant get hurt!)
so I thought we should pay kids to learn;
and insist that be their only source of income .
. teach kids not only what is hurting kids
(suicide, car accidents, teenage pregnancy)
but how health choices cost you later .
. when you develope academic skills
you learn to love yourself and are less prone to
letting social troubles lead you to suicide .
. we pay you more for higher grades
because we value your life .