#christian Paul started a mystery religion

2.9: bk.relig/christian/Paul started a mystery religion:
. Paul referred to Jesus as "kyrios"
which is the same way of saying "lord"
that the Greeks at that time used for referring to
the dying-rising god of the mystery religions .
. the mystery religions involved a secret ceremony
that united the believer with the dying-rising god
so that likewise the believer might become
divine after death and rise into an eternal life .
. also, even though Peter wanted to
keep gentiles out of christianity
it was Paul who talked him into it
[ Floyd H. Ross and Tynette Hills 1959
The Great Religions By Which Men Live p137].

so, the Jesus story was started by Paul
after the short stay on the cross
and a recuperation in a cave
(he was not buried and had air)
and recovered before dehydration set in .
. he was assumed to be dead,
yet was now alive which reminded some
of the Greek's kyrios religion
of the divine human who could rise from the dead .